Dean tries to convince Chelsea to give Colby another chance. Ryder admits his feelings for Raffy – but will she reciprocate? Will Maggie prevent Roo from going on exchange?


Will Chelsea’s latest betrayal be the final straw for Colby? Can Raffy and Ryder keep a lid on their romance? Ben gives John a taste of his own medicine.


Bella settles in the Bay and tries to reunite Colby and Chelsea. Raffy and Ryder navigate their new relationship. Chelsea prepares to leave the Bay, but will Colby stop her?


Can Colby win Chelsea back? Justin tries to reason with Tori not to go ahead with the implantation without Robbo’s consent—but will she listen?


Brody’s increasingly annoyed by Ziggy’s surveillance of Simone. Tori makes a shock decision about her future. Jasmine fears she’s overstepped the mark with Robbo.


Ziggy insists Brody is blind to Simone’s true intentions. Mason gets some disappointing news. Dean makes a formidable discovery.


Simone admits her true feelings. The Palmers travel plans are jeopardised when John goes MIA. Will Mason fight to save his medical career?


Brody lets Simone go, but will his true feelings surface. Jasmine and Robbo revel in their love bubble unaware of Tori’s deception. Justin inadvertently finds himself keeping all the family’s secrets.


Justin enlists Leah’s help as he struggles to get through to Tori. Concerned about Bella’s education, Chelsea defies Colby’s wishes. Robbo makes a life changing decision.


How will Coco react to Raffy and Ryder’s news? A fight between Colby and Chelsea causes Bella to flee.


Will Coco forgive Raffy and Ryder? Chelsea and Colby’s wedding plans hit a roadblock. Colby and Maggie fear Bella’s education is worse than expected. An ominous presence arrives in the Bay.


A surprise offer for Chelsea forces a change of wedding plans. Raffy feels left behind as Ryder and Coco study for their learners driving licence.


Mason is troubled by his continuing career woes. Raffy comes to terms with Coco and Ryder getting their L plates without her.


Colby & Chelsea have their stag and hen parties before Summer Bay gathers for a riverside wedding. Robbo considers the next step with Jasmine. An ominous threat looms just around the corner.


Colby and Chelsea’s beautiful wedding points to a bright future. Love is well and truly in the air, but will it last? Justin and Tori both find themselves in emotional turmoil. Will Robbo propose to Jasmine?


2018 Season Finale

Chelsea, Willow and Bella are in for a shock. Colby questions Dean’s intentions.

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