2000 Season Premiere

Does Jesse escape from Summer Bay? Harry chooses between Shauna and Alison. Hayley devises a matchmaking plan for Irene and Ken.

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Edward’s willing to risk his life for a thrill. Will Shauna fight for Harry? Ken asks Irene for a second chance.

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Harry comes back for Shauna. Will reconciles with his dad. Peta rushes to stop Edward from jumping to his death. Fisher is back from the States… without Marilyn.

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Rachel goes missing. HSC results start to arrive. Fisher has a few too many. Alf’s sister has gone missing.

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Joel discovers that Natalie has deceived him. Alf leaves to search for his missing sister. Fisher gives up on Marilyn.

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How committed is Shauna to Harry? Joel and Natalie are still disagreeing. Vinnie decides it’s not over for him and Sally.

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Joel and Natalie have a long overdue reconciliation. Will goes to his father for advice. Sally thinks that everyone has forgotten her birthday.


Ken is accused of drinking. Colleen’s son, Lance, comes back to the Bay. Sally turns 21 and inherits a large sum of money.

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Ken tells Irene he is here to stay and then kisses her. Mitch wins Hayley’s heart and Sam’s friendship. Lance reveals his big secret.

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Edward finally starts to make friends. Colleen discovers that she has a daughter-in-law. Has typhoid come to Summer Bay?

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The diner is closed due to typhoid. Sam is contacted by his long last father. Mitch finds naked drawings of Hayley.

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Mitch takes off his clothes for Hayley. Sam leaves Summer Bay to stay with his dad. Duncan hides Liang from the police.

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Colleen is horrified when Lance’s wife turns up in Summer Bay. Harry notices that Shauna has a very competitive streak. Edward learns that Peta has signed him up for self-defense classes.

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Lance has to choose – Colleen or Debbie? Harry and Shauna get violent. Rachel runs away from Joel. Ken has a feeling everything will work out with Irene and Sally.

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Debbie and Lance reveal another secret. Ken and Sally talk business. Joel finds a way into Rachel’s heart. Fisher is lonely and regrets not being more open with Sam.

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James has a secret admirer. Sam feels betrayed by his father. Tensions build between Will and Ken.

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James discovers the identity of his secret admirer. Sam and Will come to blows. Irene and Ken grow closer.

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Sam is furious with Fisher for betraying his confidence. It’s romance for Irene and Ken. Has Shauna’s ego caused a tragedy on the beach?

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Ailsa is sick with worry when Alf throws himself into a war zone. Justine’s glam photos make Tom green with envy. Shauna contemplates quitting her job as a lifesaver.


Tom is burning with jealousy over Justine’s acting “partner”. Vinnie accuses Sally of being too conservative. Vinnie saves Shauna’s job.