Episode 2764

Australian Air Date: 10th February 2000

Ken and Irene kiss. Mitch wins Hayley’s heart and Sam’s friendship. Lance reveals his big secret.

Extended Summary

Irene thinks about giving Ken a chance to explain himself.

Lance talks to Donald. He tells Don that he got into some trouble when he was in the army and hasn’t been able to tell his mum yet.

Sam tells Mitch he can’t go surfing because of his neck but Don tells Mitch the sooner Sam surfs, the better.

Edward visits Peta but she’s still angry with him. Colleen speaks to Debbie over the phone who says Lance has some news.

Irene goes to the Diner where Ken is to hear his side of the story. He tells her he tipped the beer out.

Mitch tries to talk Sam into going surfing again.

Irene tells Will and Hayley that she believes Ken. She tries to explain how it could be the truth.

Sam and Mitch are at the beach. Sam has his surfboard with him, but decides he can’t do it.

Judith finds out from Colleen that Edward and Peta aren’t talking to each other. When Edward gets home and Judith asks him about it, he tells her he jumped off Jump Rock. She calls him selfish.

Judith talks to Peta telling her she’s been influencing Edward in a good way.

Mitch asks Will if he can borrow his boogie board for Sam. Will receives mail about apprenticeships. Irene says that’s where Ken might have been yesterday.

Judith has a serious talk with Edward, suggesting he might need a psychiatrist. Edward thinks she’s over-reacting.

Sam agrees to go out on the boogie board. Edward talks to Donald for some advice.

Will talks to his dad about the career information and says if he knows for sure he wasn’t drinking, he won’t give up.

Colleen tells Lance about the phone call from Debbie. Now she thinks Lance and Debbie are getting married. Lance fails again to tell her the truth.

Sam goes out on the boogie board. Hayley and Will watch from a further distance than Mitch.

Ken visits Irene and tells her he’s going to teach Will some things about cars. Ken gives Irene a big kiss then leaves.

Will tells Sam he saw him on the boogie board. Sam tells Hayley that her and Mitch are good together.

Peta goes to Edward’s house to try and patch things up but Edward decides to end the relationship. When Peta leaves, Edward tells Judith he’s taking her advice… he did it so he wouldn’t hurt her feelings anymore. Edward says he’s not going to change for anyone.

Lance finally gets a chance to explain to his mum why he’s returned. Debbie was dancing with another guy all night and Lance had had too much to drink, so he stole a tank and ran into the guy’s car.

Hayley tells Mitch what he did for Sam was good. They kiss.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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