Mitch McColl

Mitchell McColl (1999-2001; 2005)
Cameron Welsh; Mitchell McMahon (temporary recast, 2000)
26593000; 4000

Parents: Vicki McColl (deceased)
Step Parents: Rod Branson (former)

Occupation: Student; Busker; Waiter

With their departure looming, Travis and Rebecca decided to take the Blaxland out for one final day trip. When they arrived, it was quite obvious that someone had been squatting in the boat, with trash everywhere. From afar, Mitch, carrying a swag, watched on as Joel looked around. Thinking the coast was clear, Mitch made his way back onto the boat and was almost caught when Travis and Rebecca returned. He hid in the cabin until the couple got off the boat for their picnic, then lifted the anchor and took off, leaving them stranded with only a dinghy. However, on the way back to the bay, he almost had a collision with Alf, which resulted in Alf having to jump into the ocean. He was able to escape Alf’s manhunt and stayed in the surf club overnight. Mitch took an instant liking to Hayley, which she reciprocated. Hayley invited Mitch to windsurfing with her and Sam. When Mitch proved he knew what he was doing, Sam was jealous. Mitch enticed Hayley into a game of pool and kissed her. Sam caught them and took a swing at Mitch. He later escaped a trap Travis and Alf set up to catch him.

Will and Hayley suggested that Mitch stay under the Beach House while he looked for somewhere to live. One morning, Hayley made Mitch breakfast, and Sam found the pair together. As a result, he dumped Hayley. They quickly reconciled, but Mitch continued to pursue Hayley. He opened up to Hayley about how his stepfather had thrown him out and as a result, he didn’t have his guitar. Hatley offered to get him one from the school’s collection. She also arranged for him to shower at the Beach House. It was clear that there was a mutual liking between the pair.

Mitch saved Duncan after a windsurfing accident. Alf tried to track down the rescuer, but when he learnt it was Mitch, he and Irene figured out he had been squatting under Irene’s house. Desperate for a place to live, Mitch was invited to stay at the Stewart House by Duncan. Mitch became the object of Gypsy’s affections, much to Hayley’s chagrin. He made it clear that he had feelings for Hayley, and soon found himself caught between the two teens. Meanwhile, when Ailsa was due out of hospital, Mitch temporarily moved in with Irene, Will and Hayley until she had fully recovered. After Irene caught Gypsy and Mitch hooking up, she gave him two ground rules: he had to go back to school, and he had to pull his weight around the house. After learning that Duncan had found hidden money in the bush, he urged him to hand it in to the police.

Being around Hayley made things awkward when he asked her to choose between him and Sam, who had been in a surfing accident and broke his neck. When Hayley chose Sam, he asked the Stewarts to move back in. He began to grow closer to Hayley despite her relationship. Not long after the pair kissed, but they agreed to be friends. It didn’t take long before Hayley realised she was only with Sam out of pity and ending things with him to get with Mitch. The pair had a fairly stable relationship until he lied to Hayley about losing his virginity to Gypsy. Broken hearted, he attempted to win Hayley back by singing her a sung from under the Beach House. When she found him, she hosed him, affirming the fact she didn’t want to be with him. After Gypsy was seriously injured in a car accident, Mitch realised he loved Hayley and admitted this to her.

One day, after playing frisbee, Mitch accidentally hit Hayley in the breast. He freaked out and urged her to go to a doctor. Hayley thought he was overreacting, but she began to understand his reaction when he blurted out that he killed his mother. He revealed that he was practising his cricket bowling, despite his mother asking him not to, and accidentally hit her in the breast with the ball. A year later, she had died from breast cancer. Although Mitch was convinced, Edward found medical evidence to show the blow could not have caused her cancer. A furious Mitch decided to confront his stepfather over this, as he had told him it was his fault. When Mitch tracked Rod down, he found him catatonic due to a major stroke.

Whilst walking the beach with Hayley, Mitch stumbled across a body washed up in a stormwater drain. The pair alerted the authorities and learnt it was Sarah Mackay, a teenager who had run away from home. After finding an abandoned house, Mitch used Sarah’s memory to push for the establishment of a Drop In Centre in Summer Bay. He received pushback from Alf, but eventually got it approved by the council. With the arrival of Shelley Sutherland, the Drop In Centre found its manager. On the day of its official opening, Mitch declared that the centre would be named after Sarah Mackay. In its early days, Mitch found himself spending time there and befriended Brodie Hanson. Around that time, Hayley’s father Ken was killed in a freak accident and she pushed him away. As a result, Mitch broke up with her. It wasn’t long before Mitch and Brodie found themselves exploring a relationship.

Following the destruction of the Stewart House and the Bayside Diner, Mitch moved into the new Beachside Diner with the Stewart family; his new bedroom being the Diner’s storeroom. Three weeks later, Ailsa died from a heart attack. Mitch found himself on the outer and after overhearing Alf refute the notion that Mitch was a part of the family, he asked to move in with Gypsy and Vinnie. Despite a rocky patch, Mitch and Brodie’s relationship strengthened. As the Drop In Centre sought funds, Mitch returned to busking. That same day, a private investigator arrived in town asking questions about him. The PI found him during a session and paid him to take some photos. It was soon revealed that the PI was hired by Mitch’s long-lost uncle Morrie, who soon came to the Bay.

It was revealed that Mitch’s grandmother who lived in New Zealand was ill and Mitch decided to go over to visit her. After some soul-searching, Mitch decided to move permanently, leaving Brodie heartbroken. The pair stayed in touch via letters in the weeks after he left town.

Four years later, Mitch returned for Alf’s 60th birthday party. Whilst his part in the events was minimal, a deleted scene revealed that he was a music teacher at a high school and was engaged to a woman named Kylie.

Early press materials reveal that Mitch was originally going to be named Tyson McColl. This was changed during production.