Episode 3000

Australian Air Date: 9th March 2001

Duncan confronts his father over his kiss with Stella. Shelley finds out the truth about her father. The lust between Gypsy and Will reaches boiling point. Mitch makes an emotional farewell to Summer Bay. Alex takes Dani for a drive in his car with tragic consequences.

Final episode. Left the Bay to live with his new-found uncle in New Zealand.
Seventh appearance, last seen in #2932. Credited for no appearance.

Extended Summary

Duncan confronted Alf about Stella. Alf explained, but Duncan wouldn’t listen. Mitch told Duncan he should trust Alf a bit more. He also told Duncan that Alf might want to marry at some stage in life, and Duncan should be OK with it. Duncan calmed down and apologised to Alf for his behaviour. Alf said Duncan should move home so they can get closer before Alf visits Roo in New York.
Shelley found out why her parents separated. She was too shocked for words when she was told her dad left her mum for someone else. Rhys has invited her dad and his new friend over. Shelley is furious. She doesn’t want to let either of them in the house.

Will went to the girls’ house to see Gypsy. He apparently wanted to make sure she’d settled in. They then went for a drive. Gypsy was hesitant, but she left anyway.

Alex and Dani also went out on a ‘date’. But it didn’t go very far because of how Dani feels about Will. She’s doing this to get back at him, but really not feeling right about it herself.

Mitch left for New Zealand today. Brodie was on her way to see him off, on Kirsty’s bike. She was riding on the road, where Alex and Dani were driving. Alex didn’t see her and ran her over. Is Brodie OK?

Erin Flannery

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