Josh learns that love is not always enough. Max’s book arrives. Has Alf completely succumbed to madness?

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Noah’s frustration with Claire reaches boiling point. Don must make a decision about Alf’s future. Where did Rhys spend the night? Will Dani’s over reaction ruin everything for Jade?

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Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. Rhys lashes out at Jade. Nick makes a shattering discovery about Angie. Hayley is hurt by allegations about her brother.

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Has Alf pushed Morag to her death? Dylan betrays his mother. Irene is horrified by Claire’s allegation.

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Don falls victim to Alf’s rage. Will Leah leave Summer Bay? Josh and Alex compete for Claire’s favour.

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Investigations threaten to tear Nick and Irene apart. Don makes a heartbreaking decision for his old friend’s future. Hayley tells Noah she must move out. Morag tells Donald that her father suffered from Alzheimer’s in his final years.

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Alf disappears from Summer Bay. Rhys is incensed to discover photos of Jade. Josh makes a move on Hayley.

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The search for Alf begins. Hayley tells Noah a lie. Kirsty and Dylan make a fresh start.

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The case against Irene escalates. Dani is enchanted by a gallant stranger. Nick becomes Angie’s willing accomplice. Morag says a tearful goodbye to Alf.

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Has Alf been misdiagnosed? Alex is shocked when Leah discards her tradition. Noah discovers what he was meant to do. Jesse tells Angie it’s over, but finds it’s not that easy.

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Alf faces a life or death decision. Don puts his career on the line. Sally and Flynn return with wonderful news. Rhys gets back from his quest for Shelley.

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Shelley returns to Summer Bay – but will she stay? Colleen is taken with the thrill of fame. Leah is furious that Alex is trying to run her life.

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Catastrophe strikes Summer Bay High. Alf makes his do or die decision. Noah’s fears about Hayley escalate. Will Colleen leave the diner?

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Fisher accuses Angie of a criminal act. Noah reaches breaking point with Josh. Flynn fears for Sally’s safety.

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Colleen’s pride almost costs a life. Dylan reveals the truth about his mother to Nick. Josh’s plans to buy the boatshed are thwarted.

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Leah throws the gym’s future into jeopardy. Jesse has to pull Hayley into line. Will Jade give Nick another chance?

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Nick is forced to choose between Angie and Jade. Dani learns the identity of her mysterious stranger. Seb has a fabulous idea to celebrate Alf’s life.

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Dani finally meets the man of her dreams. Angie lashes out at Dylan. Jesse tells Josh to butt out and let him do his job.


Sally is the victim of a cruel prank. Alf’s rapport with Ailsa begins to sour dramatically. Colleen’s celebrity status soars.


Seb uncovers a shocking secret from Alf’s history. Angie makes a damning accusation about Nick. Hayley is shattered by Noah’s plans to date other people.