Episode 3435

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2003

Colleen’s pride almost costs a life. Dylan reveals the truth about his mother to Nick. Josh’s plans to buy the boatshed are thwarted.

Extended Summary

Seb tells Nick what’s going on with his back and they end up having a fallen out. Irene invites Nick around for tea. Irene goes around to the Sutherlands and has a talk to Jade about how she is coping, Jade yells at Irene and Colleen and takes it out on them. Colleen and Jade sorts things out. Jade and Nick takes a walk along the beach.

Alf is discharged out of hosital.

Alf and Seb pops in to the diner to pick up Alf’s stuff from his department.

Nick makes a bad move on Jade.

Josh tells Donald that he wants to buy the boatshed and Donald tells him that he is too late that someone is already going to but it, that he hasn’t got a chance.

Dylan has a talk to Irene about her keeping an eye on Angie at work and Irene tells Dylan that she can handle Angie and keep her in line.

Irene,Leah and Jesse finds out that Colleen has written a book and is surpised. Irene calls Colleen and the lines are busy and Irene trys again later.

VJ chocks on some food while Colleen was on the phone to Irene, Colleen calls the diner again and Leah goes straight home and Jesse trys to settle Colleen down has she blames herself and is worried about VJ, will VJ be ok? Leah is so upset that she could’ve lost VJ and breaks down in Jesse arms and they end up kissing and Leah backs off and runs to her room.

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