Episode 3436

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2003

Leah throws the gym’s future into jeopardy. Jesse has to pull Hayley into line. Will Jade give Nick another chance?

Extended Summary

Angie flirts with Nick outside the Gym. Alf returns back to work, but ends up dropping things on the floor.

Josh decides to move out of the palace and Noah decides to stay. Josh asks Hayley to move out with him and Hayley tells Josh not if she has got a another chance with Noah.

Leah and Jesse gets along really well after Leah backs off before when Jesse kisses her.

Alf goes fishing with Seb down on the beach and Seb catches a fish while they were talking about their lifes.

Hayley tells Noah that Josh has moved out. Hayley asks Noah which room he wants her to move in too and Noah tells Hayley he doesn’t care but not in with him.Hayley feels really bad after what she has done.

Jade and Nick talks about school to what subjects they are going to do this year. Jade tells Nick that she still loves him and Jade got the inpression that Nick didn’t feel the some way and tells Nick that she should’ve told him.

Noah talks to Hayley and Nick about the rent and that Nick will have to pay rent and Hayley is angry with Noah for asking Nick for money and Nick tells Noah that he will pay the rent.

Hayley asks Noah a question and Noah says yes and Hayley goes out of the room upset. Nick tells Noah that Hayley loves him and Noah still doesn’t forgive her for cheating on him. Jesse nearly gets into a fight with Josh after Josh has hurt Hayley and Jesse tells Josh that Hayley is a good friend to him. Leah tells Jesse to leave the diner after grabbing Josh’s shirt like the way he did. Leah puts the gym’s future on the line after telling Angie off about what Angie said about Leah and telling Angie to leave the gym.

Jade and Nick gets back together again, but is it for good?

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