Noah Lawson

Beau Brady

Noah Lawson (2000-2004)
Beau Brady
Episodes: 29133808; 3870

Date of Birth: 1983

Parents: Jill Lawson
Siblings: Jude Lawson
Marital Status: Hayley Smith (2004)
Occupation: Student, Cleaner, Counsellor

Noah had a very troubled childhood. His mother became very religious after Noah’s dad left while he was still very young, and after Noah’s older brother Jude managed to escape from her, she became very protective when it came to Noah. Her habit of lighting candles around his bed to ward off ‘the devil’ backfired when his bed caught fire one night. She was later taken to a mental home. Noah moved in with his brother Jude, and he soon fell in love with Hayley Smith.

Noah soon proved to the community that he was more than a uni student, when he became a local counsellor, and one of the driving forces to keep the Summer Bay drop-in centre alive.

When he was caught kissing another girl, it seemed to be the end of his relationship with Hayley, but when he later helped her out at a party they got back together.

With Josh, he and Hayley decided to get their own place, and they soon moved in to The Palace but Noah caught Hayley kissing Josh, and again they broke up.

For a short while Noah was close to falling for Scott Hunter’s younger sister Kit, who came to the Bay with severe alcohol problems. Noah tried helping her as a counsellor, but their relationship almost developed into something more when Kit got feelings for Noah.

At the same time the drop-in centre burnt down, and Noah started working as a counsellor at Summer Bay High instead.

In the meantime, Hayley started dating Alex Poulos, but that lead her into a real catfight as Brodie came back and made a move on Alex. The two girls’ fighting resulted in a dramatic car accident, leaving Hayley confused and feeling particulary self consious about her appearance.

While Alex left the Bay with Brodie, Hayley was stuggling to accept her scarred face, and Noah helped her through the difficult time. Hayley had a memory loss, and thought she was still with Noah, but the truth was eventually exposed, and Noah and Hayley decided to get back together.

On Hayley’s 21st birthday, Noah proposed and Hayley said yes. The two of them had a few disagreements over the wedding, mainly because Hayley wanted to invite Noah’s mother and get married in a church. Because of his past, Noah wanted nothing to do with his mother or a church, and the two of them ended up getting married in a lovely outdoor ceremony.

Only shortly after the wedding, Sarah Lewis escaped from the institution she was in and came back to punish all the residents of Summer Bay because she thought it was their fault her boyfriend Felix Walters had died. Sarah took a group of the residents, including Noah and Hayley as hostages after tricking everyone and making a trap for Scott and Dani so Scott had to help her get to the others.

Sarah threatened the group and told them she would start killing them one by one if no one steped forward and admitted killing Felix. Noah offered to step forward and take the blame to save the others. This never happened, but when Dani managed to tell the police what had happened and drove to Leah’s, where the group was gathered, gunshots were fired.

Sarah ran out when Dani arrived, and shot Noah, who ran after her. She later killed herself.

After his death, Hayley kept seeing Noah, and she talked to what she thought was a ghost. Eventually Noah’s “ghost” left Hayley, but he later returned in the 2004 season finale, in a dream Hayley had.

The season finale marked the opening of Noah’s bar, a bar project started by Jesse. Josie Russell got the idea about naming it after Noah, and at the opening Hayley missed Noah. In the very last scene of the year Noah was seen for the final time as he walked in and kissed Hayley, who was asleep on the couch.

Profile thanks to Eli.