Episode 3870

Australian Air Date: 26th November 2004

A major Aussie celebrity comes to open Noah’s Bar. Josie saves the day for Sally in a surprise twist. Leah’s proposal stuns Dan. Jesse and Josie face some major changes.

Final episode.
Final episode.
Return appearance, last seen as a ghost in Episode #3808. Silently wished a sleeping Hayley goodnight.
Australian Idol singer who performed at the opening of Noah’s Bar.

Extended Summary


Colleen takes quite a shine to the former idol, who seems to take quite a shine to Kim. Hayley – with her special gift for seeing ghosts – expects to see Noah turn up, and is disappointed when he’s a no-show. Irene says he’s there in spirit. Kane and Kirsty are still ecstatic over their baby, but worried that the opening of the bar may be bringing up memories of Rhys for Beth.


Meanwhile, Sally has re-scheduled baby Pippa’s christening in the face of overwhelming obstacles (i.e. – the church burnt down). Although Josie is chuffed that the bar has finally come to fruition, she’s not going to rest until she’s found a solution to Sally’s problem.

Her solution is to take the party to Summer Bay house! Sally and Flynn are shocked, but Josie tells them it fits right in with the theme of the day, which is ‘a new start and the start of better times.’ Baby Pippa gets a new outfit; Lance gives a moving address on what his friendship with Sally means and how grateful he is to be Pippa’s godfather; Alf reads a prayer from the heart, thanking God for the blessings the town has had during the year – Leah’s gift of life to Sally and Flynn for one – and expresses his puzzlement at some of the unfathomable ways of the Big Fella upstairs.

And then the piece de resistance…16-years ago John Farnham came to serenade a sick Sally in her bed when she couldn’t get to a concert he was giving. Now Paulini follows in the footsteps of her idol and sings an a Capella version of ‘Silent Night’ – for Sally, Flynn and their baby Pippa. It’s a moment of beauty and unity for the small family and the close knit community. The irony is…it was Josie of all people that made it possible.


Later on, Jesse and Josie share some moments of tenderness before Jesse lets slip with the words that got him into so much trouble with Josie in the first place: “I love you”. This time her reaction is different. She’s not running. Things are changing big time for these two. The couples of the Bay continue to strengthen their bonds when Leah asks Peter to move in with her…and he accepts. Over at the Palace, Hayley’s longing has finally been fulfilled. On this very special day when everyone is coming together, Noah has come back for one last visit. Happiness reigns throughout Summer Bay.