Kane Phillips

Sam Atwell

Kane Phillips (2001; 2002; 2003-2005; 2008-2009)
Sam Atwell
Episodes: 30213074; 32713329; 35683903; 46494663; 47664804

Parents: Gus Phillips
Siblings: Scott Phillips
Marital Status: Kirsty Sutherland (2004-2008, separated)
Children: Oliver Phillips

When Kane arrived in the Bay in 2001, he had his eyes on a woman called Shauna. She was a teacher at Summer Bay High and he was going to this school. He tried to get her, but she wouldn’t take it. He perfectly well knew she had a boyfriend, but he didn’t stop because he liked Shauna very much. Then soon after that his brother kidnapped her, Kane went along with this because he was terrified of his brother, but saved her in the end, and she was okay.

Soon after this, Kane went off Shauna and went for Dani. He used the same trails, but it didn’t work so when he was at the Sutherlands house all alone one afternoon with Dani he raped her.

After a while Kane was very confused on what happened with Dani that he decided to leave the bay.

In 2002, Flynn and Dani went to find him for the mediation but Kane didn’t want to have the mediation at first because he put the thing that happened with Dani behind him but after awhile Kane came back to he bay.
When Kane was back had have a few counselling sessions but it didn’t work because Dani refused to forgive Kane because it brought back to many nightmares for her.

Then this was just before a boat trip from the bay with people from the bay onboard and Kane was part of the crew. Everything didn’t go well on board because he was threatened by Josh (Dani’s boyfriend at the time), Kirsty found him there and she wasn’t very pleased. She told him furiously that she didn’t want him going anywhere near her or Dani and he agreed to this. Then the boat was sinking and he tried to get everyone into boats and with life jackets on.

Then he was stranded on a beach with Kirsty and Shelley. They tried to get help for a week and he saved Shelley from a snake biting her and soon after this they were rushed to Summer Bay Hospital.

When they were at the hospital, Kirsty talked to him and got on with him quite a bit. Kane wasn’t sure what this meant and when he was at hospital he found out that Alf had a boat which Kane is very interested in. While he’s in there as well Dani and Rhys thanked him for saving Shelley and Kirsty’s life but they still didn’t like him very much.

After Kane and Kirsty got outside of hospital they started bonding with each other which Shelley obviously didn’t like very much and Kane and Kirsty got closer. One afternoon he dropped Kirsty off outside the surf club and Josh hits him in the face and he goes off somewhere. Kirsty then finds him later and they share a kiss. Then after this they started a secret relationship without Kirsty’s family finding out.

After a few short weeks, Shelley found out about this and when Kirsty went to see Kane by the wharf to tell him what had happened. Kirsty’s parents come to get her and Rhys warns Kane not to go anywhere near Kirsty again.
Then soon after this Kirsty and Kane ran away together as they couldn’t live without each other.

While they were on the run they found it hard to get jobs and Kirsty had a problem with a drunken guy that Kane knew he had to take her back to her family. He took her back which Kirsty didn’t want. Kane realised he had to be cruel to be kind, and told her she was a kid and threw her out his car.

In 2003, He came back to the bay for one thing to get Kirsty back. He knew that Kirsty still loved him and when he was back he was punched by Seb, who was Kirsty’s boyfriend at the time. Soon after this Kirsty and Kane got back together but in secret but not for long. Sally and Dani found out just before Rhys came back to town and Rhys was going to ban Kane from seeing his daughter but Dani just let Kirsty see him.

In October 2003, Dani was driving back from university and ran over Kane. Kane was rushed to hospital and it wasn’t long until Kirsty was there by his bedside. Kane couldn’t’ remember his whole story but eventually told the police his story. He wanted Kirsty to have the same story but this wasn’t going to happen because they interviewed her at home. When Kirsty got to the hospital Kane told Kirsty about the police and she told him it was too late.

After a few short weeks, Dani had a court case to see whether she was guilty for running over Kane. She was found guilty.

Kane knew after this Kirsty would need time with her family so he packed his bags for a week and moved out. But soon after this, they got back together.

Very near the end of the 2003. The cliff hanger was that the Sutherland family was in danger in a cave. Everyone thought Kane did this because he nearly hit Rhys at the school dance and said he wished he was dead. He and a lot of other people tried looking for them but did they find them? Read more to find out.

At the beginning of the 2004 season. Kane saved the Sutherland family. They were all rushed to hospital and most of them were not badly hurt. Kane brought a ring for Kirsty for her birthday and Kirsty was over the moon about this. Her family wasn’t and in a few short weeks, they were going to run away again but were stopped by Dani and Josh.

But at the start of February they decided to run away to get married and start anew life. They got married in secret and was living at this house Kane rented but after a week Kirsty couldn’t take it any more and they decided to go back to the bay. Irene said they both could live at the Beach house if they went to see Rhys.

They went to see Rhys and he wasn’t expecting the news Kirsty was going to say, so kirsty said she was pregnant. Everyone was shocked and so was Kane who was over the moon about this news. We knew that Kirsty lied and she led the lie but after awhile she was getting really moody to Kane. The Kane nearly hits her and runs off to the City to see her mum. She did this when he was on the boat doing business with Scott. After this journey he was presented with a AVO to stay away from kirsty. He was very mad and terribly upset by this. In the next few weeks he had the awful time of his life as the Sutherlands made his life awful for Kane all that time. But a little while after this, Kirsty came back and told the truth about the baby lie. And that she was real pregnant this time but Kane was really angry with her. He was planning to leave when Dani stopped him from going.

Kirsty and Kane were happy for awhile but then Kirsty was rushed to hospital with high blood pressure and soon then she had to have a operation which Kane was very scared about. But she got thought it.

After this went on, Kane started to get too accepted into the bay a little bit. Hayley was about to get married to the love of her life and Dani knew Kirsty wanted to marry again in front of her family and this was arranged. Kane and Kirsty renewed their vows in front of their friends and family. Kirsty sang and Kane fell in the water to say he loved her.
Then after this Kirsty got something from a girl called Sarah who was causing trouble in the bay and told Kane was cheating on her. Kane told her it was all lies and Dani agreed. Then Sarah kept making their lives a nightmare and then she got a few people from summer bay by putting their life on the line. Thank god it wasn’t Kane. Then the funeral happened for Noah who died and Kirsty and Kane had a quiet life for awhile.

Then Kane in September found out he had testicular cancer. As Kirsty was taking her HSC he decided to keep it quiet. He Soon told Flynn and Sally about his plan from keeping it away from Kirsty until her exams were over. When his operation was due, he told Kirsty he was going on a boat trip to get some money but he was going thought the biggest thing in his life and after his operation he shaved his hair so Kirsty wouldn’t notice the treatment.
We all know Kirsty would find out and she did just before her last exam. She took it very well and she found away around her exam.
When her exams were over, she helped Kane thought the treatment and laid low for the rest of the year.

In 2005 Kane was keeping it low getting his last bit of treatment and when he was nearly cleared of cancer he found out that his dad came back to the bay. Obvious Kane was devastated by this because he really hated his dad. He told him he didn’t want anything to do with him but Kirsty and Hayley tried to tell him he could have changed and he is still his dad. Then he decided he would hear his dad out to see what he had to say. He wasn’t pleased when he said that he had changed and Kane refused to believe him. He showed his scars to his dad and told Kirsty he wanted nothing to do with his dad. Then soon after Kirsty tried to keep telling him he had changed and when Kane was cleared of his cancer he had a meal with his dad. He started to see Gus his dad a little different but the bad memories were still there. They started to get to know each other again when his dad left the bay.

Just before Gus left Kane he found out about the money Gus had stolen which was with Kane after Kane threw his dad out the car as Gus left it there. So when Kane was caught by the police, he was arrested.

He was charged on this because Greg who didn’t get his money from Gus set up Kane. Kane tried to get in contract with his dad by the help of his brother but no luck. He got bail until the court case and Morag was solicitor to try get him off.

When the court case arrived the case went really badly as all the evidence was against Kane. Just before he was about to find out if he was let off or going to jail. He told Kirsty if he wouldn’t be let off they would have to make a run for it. Kirsty agreed, they left a note to Irene and left the bay. They had a few last words in the car before they drove out the bay and they both knew it was the right thing with the baby due. This was the last we saw of Kane.

Three years on, Irene received a mysterious phone call and went to meet with somebody to collect a sick child, the incredibly cute Oliver. When he was admitted to hospital Irene contacted his mysterious parents to tell them and later she was shocked to find Kane at her house. He told her that life on the run was no place for Oliver and that he and Kirsty wanted ireto raise him. Irene refused though and insisted that she wouldn’t do anything until she spoke to Kirsty. Alf walked in mid concersation and agreed to keep seeing Kane a secret and Kane, realising the pressure he had put Irene under, agreed to bring kirsty to meet with her.

He returned with Kirsty and they rented a caravan from an unwitting Miles in order to be near Oliver. What Kirsty didn’t realise though was that while she was telling Irene that she was sick of running and wanted to turn herself in, kane had taken the law into his own hands. Having stolen from Leah he then attempted to rob a store only to be stopped by Security Guard larry Jeffries. Knocking Larry unconscious Kane managed to get the gun and used it to hold Ric hostage whilst he fled. Returning to the caravan he insisted that Kirsty pack their things up and they went to the hospital to get Oliver.

On realising that Oliver was missing and hearing about the robbery, Irene came clean to the cops and a police chase began with Jack and Lara chasing The Phillip’s car. It was found abandoned off the side of the road and Kirsty later turned up at Irene’s house with Oliver. Kane meanwhile was fnally cornered by police and realsing the game was up he lowered his gun and was arrested by Jack.

In the police station Kane was quizzed about his crimes and it was revealed to Kirsty that he was wanted for a string of crimes across many states. Morag agreed to represent him but Kane accepted a deal from the prosecutors to plead guilty in exchange for all charges being dropped against Kirsty and Irene. Morag was horrified but Kirsty moreso when kane told her tearfully that he wanted her to move on and not see him any more.

Months later he sent Kirsty a letter begging her to help him with money to fund an appeal and regular letters were exchanged between the two as Kirsty found the money for him. When Kirsty reunited with Miles though she sent him a letter telling him he had moved on.

Towards the end of the year a delighted Oliver ran into Kane at the Caravan Park and Kane asked him to lie to Kirsty about seeing him. Oliver couldn’t keep it a secret but irsty and Miles didn’t believe him, thinking he was just missing his Daddy. Kane later gave Irene a letter for Kirsty but Irene refused to pass it on. He turned up at the Caravan Park and told Kirsty and a shocked Miles that he had been released.

Kirsty admitted that she loved Miles but that Kane turning up had confuseds her and asked him to give her space. He turned up at the formal and was dismissed again but in the grounds he was accosted by Jai and Annie who asked him to drive them to school to look for an out of control Melody. They found her in the middle of the road and as Kane swerved to avoid her, the car smashed into the side of The Diner where the school formal was being held, leaving Kane, along with several other favourites, fighting for his life.

In the aftermath of the formal disaster, Kane made a full recovery in hospital and continued to put pressure on Kirsty to make a decision. Eventually he took matters into his own hands and asked Miles to let Kirsty go, which he duly did and the Philips family departed for Kane’s new job on the coast.

It wasn’t long before they were back though with Kirsty arriving back in the bay with the news that Kane had taken off with Olly. Kane agreed to meet her but she snatched Olly so he followed her to the bay and took Olly back after seeing Kirsty with Miles. On the way out of the bay he detoured to the Caravan Park and hit Miles in front of a shocked Olly and Jai. Devastated at his own actions and realising that Kirsty no longer loved him, he left for his new job up he coast, alone.