Episode 4804

Australian Air Date: 5th March 2009
UK Air Date: 19th March 2009

Miles is reeling from the shock of Kane turning up on his doorstep. Are Geoff and Nicole growing further apart? Will Belle give in to drug temptation? Seeds of romance are sown at the speed dating event.


Written by Kaneana May
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Miles is reeling from the shock of Kane turning up on his doorstep and can’t believe it when Kane blames him for the breakdown of his marriage – he didn’t even know Kirsty and Kane had split up. When Kirsty finds out Kane hit Miles she is horrified and takes Kane to apologise. For Miles, the pain of Kirsty leaving him is still raw and it hurts him to have to confirm to Kane that there is nothing going on with them. With no choice but to accept that Kirsty simply doesn’t love him, Kane decides to leave Summer Bay asking Kirsty to do him the respect of not being with Miles (as she’s claimed he isn’t the reason for her leaving him). Kirsty knows she has to abide by Kane’s request. Meanwhile, Miles is shattered, any remaining hope he had for getting back with Kirsty has been totally diminished.

When Lou DeBono turns up with the donated seafood for Colleen’s speed dating event, he is surprised that she has signed him up – all she told him was that it was a charity night with a twist. Lou doesn’t want to take part so he offers to stand in for Roman in the kitchen with Irene so that Roman can take his place speed dating. Put on the spot, Roman can hardly refuse. But maybe this speed dating isn’t so bad after all – Roman and Leah seem to be seeing each other in a new light and Irene and Lou get on very well in the kitchen. Could love be blossoming in the Diner?

Nicole is thrilled when Annie and Jai get their hands on some free tickets to the Liam Murphy concert she’s been trying to persuade Geoff to go to. Geoff is less than keen but reluctantly goes along. It soon becomes clear that concerts aren’t his scene and he can’t enjoy himself. When Annie’s ankle gets hurt during a crowd surge and Nicole won’t leave with them, it’s the last straw for an angry Geoff. He heads off with Annie and Jai, leaving Nicole upset that they seem to be growing further and further apart. Meanwhile, Belle, who is in a bad way trying to cope with drug withdrawals is reporting on the concert for work and is offered drugs by Liam Murphy himself. Can Belle resist the temptation?

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