Episode 4803

Australian Air Date: 4th March 2009
UK Air Date: 18th March 2009

Xavier enlists some help to try and win Ruby back. Colleen is doing her bit for the singles of Summer Bay. Kane is furious when he thinks Kirsty has returned to Miles.


Written by Vicki Englund
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Xavier asks Ruby to go out with him but with the whole Freya thing still playing on her mind she’s worried about getting hurt again. Xavier knows he has to do something special to persuade her, so enlists Jai’s help to show her how serious he is. After being stood up by Hugo, Charlie is further sworn off men than she was before and especially sworn off the Austin boys – she isn’t keen for Ruby and Xavier to get back together. Even though Ruby still has her own doubts, she tells Xavier that things couldn’t work out between them if they don’t have Charlie’s blessing. She tells Xavier that Hugo needs to make it up to Charlie after last night.

Alf tells Hugo that Charlie was dressed up to the nines for their date and Hugo is surprised as she didn’t seem that keen when he asked her out. Her disappointment also gives him hope that she might want to give something a go. Xavier pleads with Hugo to talk to Charlie and put in a good word for him and Ruby to be together. Hugo concurs and gives Charlie a heartfelt apology and asks her to get behind Ruby and Xavier’s relationship. Charlie relents and says she’ll support Ruby, but it’s clear to a deflated Hugo that she’s not interested in giving it another go with him.

Meanwhile, Colleen is doing her bit for the singles of Summer Bay, busying herself with organising a speed dating event. Leah gives in to the pressure and agrees to take part but Roman is going to be a harder nut to crack, turning down Colleen’s continued requests despite Leah’s encouraging flattery.

Kirsty turns up at Irene’s, having run away from Kane and taken Ollie with her. Irene is clearly not impressed that Kirsty stooped so low to get Ollie back but tells her they can stay the night with her. When Kane comes looking for them he sees Kirsty talking with Miles on the beach and it’s confirmation for him that Kirsty has come back to the bay to be with Miles (he doesn’t realise that they’ve just bumped into one another and things are awkward and estranged between them). Angry, Kane heads to Irene’s and despite Irene’s attempts to placate him, Kane takes Ollie back. Kirsty tracks them down but Kane takes off with Ollie in the car, leaving Kirsty beside herself with worry for her son. Unaware that Kane is back in town, Miles is shocked when he finds him on his doorstep. Before Miles can even speak he’s cops a punch in the face. Miles and Jai are horrified. But Kane’s still furious – accusing him that Kirsty has left him for Miles.

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