Episode 4802

Australian Air Date: 3rd March 2009
UK Air Date: 17th March 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Tony’s secret is finally revealed. Aden is suspicions when Joey quits her job. Charlie’s new found hope for romance doesn’t last long.


Extended Summary

Rachel’s furious that Tony has been secretly meeting another woman, who she believes to be Belinda Maxwell (having previously read Tony’s text messages). Rachel makes a phone call to Belinda and abuses her for having an affair with her husband but Belinda hangs up on her. Tony arrives home, angry with Rachel for ringing Belinda and accusing her like that. A huge argument escalates whereby Rachel says it wouldn’t be the first time Tony would go running to another woman for comfort. Tony can’t believe Rachel’s bringing up past mistakes and storms out of the house. Martha eventually makes Tony see sense and persuades him to tell the truth about what’s been going on. Tony takes Rachel and Martha to the Docks to show them the real reason he’s been disappearing… The girls are astonished to see Jack’s boat gleaming and freshly painted. Tony explains that this what he’s been doing all these past nights. He knows he should have been honest with Rachel, but he needed to do this alone… for him and for Jack. Tony didn’t even think of how Rachel would be feeling about it all. He explains that Belinda has been supplying him with the parts. Full of relief and remorse, Rachel falls into Tony’s arms. In a final touching moment, Martha names the boat ‘Forever’ after Jack, the wonderful man whose memory will live on forever.

Meanwhile, Aden arrives at work to discover they are expecting a visit from the Inspector to chase up Joey’s safety complaint. Aden is suspicious to learn that Joey has quit her job but no-one will tell him anything. Aden asks Robbo if her quitting had anything to do with him. Robbo claims nothing has ever happened with him and Joey – even thought she wanted it to. Aden goes to see Joey (telling her that she’ll have to show up for the inspection), but tries to get to the real reason why she’s quit. Joey claims nothing evoked her decision but tells him it’s her business anyway. Aden senses something is up, but can’t push any further. Joey later shows up for the inspection and announces that she’s withdrawing her complaint. But the inspector’s already seen some other areas of concern and is suspending the boat from work. Robbo is furious and shoves the Inspector. A brawl breaks out, leaving Joey visibly frightened at Robbo’s aggression. Charlie and Watson are called out, but by the time they arrive the fight is over. When Aden takes Joey home he questions her strange behaviour, but she denies there is a problem and tells him to leave it. Aden gets the hint and tells her he won’t hassle her anymore. Joey watches as he walks away, clearly still shaken, alone and scared.

Providing them both with an excuse not to have to go to Colleen’s speed dating event, Hugo asks Charlie, who’s sworn off dating, to have dinner with him. He insists it’s more of a business meeting and she reluctantly agrees. Ruby persuades Charlie to give the date a proper go as she’ll never find the right guy if she shuts herself off to the possibility of happiness. With Ruby’s words ringing in her ears, Charlie decides to go all out and turns up to meet Hugo at the Surf Club dressed to the nines. But Hugo, on his way out to meet Charlie, gets an emergency phone call and, thinking the date didn’t mean that much to her, given her initial reluctance, cancels at the last minute leaving Charlie humiliated and annoyed.