Episode 4801

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 2009
UK Air Date: 16th March 2009

Aden unknowingly leaves Joey in a dangerous situation. Rachel’s worst fears about Tony are realised. Belle has a wake-up call.


Written by Cameron Welsh
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Distraught once again that Tony’s secretly left the house in the middle of the night, Rachel confides in Martha that she’s worried Tony’s seeing someone else. When Martha sees Tony at the gym she sends him home, telling him Rachel is worried about him. Rachel tries her best to believe Tony’s excuses for going missing but she’s not convinced. Scared her recent lack of libido may have driven Tony away, Rachel seduces him but after their love-making he leaves the house again thinking she is asleep. As he disappears out the door Rachel’s eyes flash open – she was awake and had been waiting to see what he was going to do. She follows him to find out what is going on once and for all. Her worst fears are confirmed when she sees Tony, with a bottle of wine in hand, going to meet another woman. Shocked, Rachel looks on as her worst fears are confirmed – Tony is having an affair.

Meanwhile, the pills Belle’s been taking are beginning to affect more than just her moods. When her Editor shows her the article she has just submitted, she’s horrified to see that half of it is utter nonsense. She panics when Irene walks in, as she has another bottle of pills. Her incoherent article is a wake-up call that she needs to stop taking the pills. We sense she wants to come clean about it all to Aden, but when she finally has the opportunity to, she can’t do it. Determined to get off the pills, she flushes them… Will she be able to cope?

Aden’s surprised to find Joey and Robbo in what looks like an intimate clinch but Joey won’t tell him what’s going on, instead she asks Aden to wait for her after work as she wants to talk to him. However, Belle turns up, pleading for him to leave work because she needs him (wanting to tell him about her addiction). Aden heads off, asking Robbo to tell Joey he’ll have to catch up with her later. Little does Aden know the vulnerable position he has left Joey in. Robbo goes to the cabin where Joey is working and closes the door on them. He tells Joey she’s going to get what she’s been asking for. Something awful is about to happen. Joey is terrified… and there’s no escape.