Episode 4800

Australian Air Date: 27th February 2009
UK Air Date: 13th March 2009

Rachel’s fears of Tony’s betrayal deepen. Nicole and Geoff’s fun ends in yet another row. Aden’s oblivious to Belle’s problem as he tries to solve Joey’s.


Written by Faith McKinnon
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Rachel is reeling after discovering Tony’s lies about the text he received from a mystery ‘Belinda’. Distraught, she confides in Martha that given Tony’s history she thinks he is dealing with Jack’s death by sleeping with someone else. The baby’s first kicks reinforce her feelings of isolation – she is carrying his baby so what is she going to do if he is having an affair? Rachel finally approaches Tony about why he lied and her fears are temporarily allayed when his story about a supplier called Belinda sound feasible. But that night, he rejects her again, feeling awful, Tony sneaks out again not knowing that Rachel is still awake… and very concerned.

In an attempt to get things back on track, Geoff and Nicole head off together to take some pictures for a school assignment. Ever looking for fun, Nicole gets Geoff to take his top off so she can take some pictures of her hot boyfriend. Laughing Geoff poses for the camera and as the couple check out the photos back at home, things start to get a bit steamy. When Irene comes home and finds them kissing and Geoff shirtless, Geoff is mortified. Nicole can’t understand why he is so ashamed and it leads to a row between them. How did such a fun afternoon end in yet another argument?

Tension is mounting on the prawn trawler and when Joey suffers an accident because of Robbo’s attitude towards her, Aden tries to persuade her to give up her job. Joey is adamant that she is staying though, she’s not letting Robbo get in the way of the job she’s dreamed about. Belle calls Aden with another work dilemma but he dismisses her – he’s got his own problems to deal with. When Belle finds him at the surf club having something to eat after work, her mood has changed. She’s finished the article and is ready to make it up to Aden with some passion…. Aden’s surprised to see her back to her old self again but little does he know that her upbeat mood is a result of her rapidly escalating drug addiction.