Episode 4799

Australian Air Date: 26th February 2009
UK Air Date: 12th March 2009

It’s the anniversary of Dan’s death and an emotional day for Leah. Rachel fears the worst over Tony’s continued distance. Melody leaves the bay to build bridges with Christine.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

It’s the anniversary of Dan’s death and an emotional day for Leah as she listens to the school students’ ideas on how to use the donation from his life insurance. Leah is surprised when her parents, Theo and Helen turn up to listen to the presentations but her brother, Chris assures her they will behave themselves, they just want to be there on such an important occasion. Geoff and fellow student, Trey, each put forward their ideas but Trey’s idea of an outdoor trek wins the final votes. Leah is delighted that Dan’s memory will be honoured with such a worthy project. His words are so inspirational that even Helen and Theo have reflected and decided to try and make a go of things again – one step at a time, like Trey said. Leah’s day couldn’t have gone better and as they drink to Dan’s memory she smiles, happy to have made it through the past year and ready to move forward.

Geoff is angry when Nicole flirts with Trey and worse when she votes for Trey’s idea over his. Nicole tells him she was putting personal feelings aside and voting for the project she liked the best. Geoff accuses Nicole of cracking onto Trey and throwing herself at every guy she sees. Nicole is offended and saddened- will Geoff ever be able to accept her as she is?

Meanwhile, Rachel’s concern for Tony is growing. She wakes in the middle of the night to find he has disappeared and when he comes home he has been drinking. He tells her that Lucas finally got in touch but won’t be coming home anytime soon. When Rachel finds out Tony has lied about a text message he received she checks his phone. Seeing a message from someone called Belinda she fears the worst – who is Belinda and why is she texting Tony?

Melody’s grandmother suffers another stroke and dies, adding further fuel to Melody’s dilemma about whether to go to New Zealand with Christine. If Christine never had a chance to make things right with her mother, maybe Melody should seize the opportunity to build bridges with hers. When Christine thanks Miles for all he’s done for her daughter, Melody realises her mother has truly changed and breaks down. She decides that she will go with Christine after all, Miles is supportive, assuring her he thinks her instincts are right and that Christine has changed. It’s a sad farewell as Melody’s friends gather to say goodbye.