Vinnie attempts to stay strong for Leah and V.J. when he is released on bail. Gypsy is having second thoughts about the engagement. Alex struggles to keep up a happy front for Leah’s sake.

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Dani and Josh’s mutual flirtation continues. Shelley is concerned by the bitterness that is consuming Brodie’s life. Vinnie finds it increasingly hard to stay positive.

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Charlotte and Jude find themselves in a passionate embrace. Dani is crushed when she learns of Will and Gypsy’s engagement. Seb is crestfallen when Fisher refuses to take him and his friends camping.

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The camping trip gets off to a less then impressive start. Dani’s attempt to befriend Josh is thrown back in her face. Charlotte and Jude take the first steps toward a more than physical relationship.


Vinnie is stunned when he learns the realities of the charges he is facing. Gypsy makes a decision about her future with Will. The camping trip takes an unexpected turn for the better.


Rhys is shocked when his brother, Pete and nephew Max, arrive in town. Vinnie continues to put distance between himself and V.J. Charlotte feels that she isn’t ready for a relationship with Jude. Kirsty decides that she doesn’t want to return to school – ever!


Kirsty digs her heels in about quitting school. Leah is concerned for Alex as the inquest approaches. Pete is desperate to keep his gambling problem a secret. Vinnie is forced to be close to VJ.


Brodie is shattered by the outcome of the inquest. Leah learns the truth about Vinnie’s meeting with his solicitor. Gypsy and Will begin to plan their big day. Fisher attends another secret meeting with the Department of Education.


Will’s life is in grave danger when a boat charter goes horribly wrong. Miles’ father helps Brodie to work through her anger. Charlotte has a sudden change of heart about a relationship with Jude.


The Smith family is rocked by some devastating news. Pete makes a heartbreaking decision. Charlotte and Jude’s relationship continues to sizzle.

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The search for Will begins… Josh is confused about Dani’s feelings for Will. What will Shelley and Rhys do about Max?


Will decides on some new priorities. Kirsty embarks on a secret mission. Noah shocks Hayley with an expected decision.


Fisher makes a shock announcement. Kirsty takes things one step too far. Vinnie tries to handle things his way.


Shelley and Rhys find themselves in a no-win situation. Sally takes the future of Summer Bay High into her own hands. Alex is determined to have an Italian night at the Diner.


Max finally learns the truth. Will has an unexpected proposal for Gypsy. Sally and Fisher go head to head at the town meeting.


Will’s world starts to fall apart. Sally continues to go behind Fisher’s back. Brodie thinks Josh and Dani should be together – but they’ve got other ideas!

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Flynn takes on a dangerous new challenge. Fisher reveals his secret plan. Gypsy and Will finally reach a decision.


Dani and Josh get a nasty surprise. Flynn learns the truth about Justin. It’s Max’s first day at Summer Bay High.


Max gets caught wagging school. Dani’s night with Josh is her worst date ever. Noah decides to buy a motorbike.


Gypsy and Will get some devastating news. The police finally catch up with Justin. Fisher is all out of fight.