Nick grows even more dependent on Jade. Kelli gets revenge on Alex. Brodie comes up with a radical plan to fight the school closure.


Nick takes matters into his own hands, with devastating consequences. Leah is struggling to cope without Vinnie.


Nathan gets an unexpected kiss. Alex decides to do something for Leah. Kirsty is forced to work with Seb.


Fisher is determined to stop the sit in. Nathan thinks he’s blown things with Grace. Kirsty continues to taunt Brodie.


Kirsty sneaks out to a nightclub and makes a dangerous decision. Ethan makes a shocking declaration. Dani tells Josh the truth about her past.


Kirsty’s life hangs in the balance. Dani discovers Kirsty took drugs. Police raid the school sit in.


The Sutherlands wait anxiously for news of Kirsty. Josh supports Dani through some hard times. Fisher has put his job on the line.


Rhys and Kirsty reach a new level of understanding. Nathan hears some heartbreaking news about Grace.


Irene helps fulfil one of Nathan’s dreams. Hayley makes an important decision. Leah is excited about her first wedding anniversary.


Charlotte discovers how Jude really feels about her. Fisher gets some devastating news. Irene says an emotional goodbye to her son.


Kirsty sneaks off to spend time with Jemma. Charlotte decides to raise the baby on her own.


Nick reaches breaking point. Charlotte is faced with a life-changing decision. Kirsty’s attempt to help Jemma backfires.


Fisher gets a surprise visitor. Shelley and Rhys meet Jemma’s parents – with unexpected results. Hayley comes up with a plan to help Nick.


Alex’s romantic date goes horribly wrong. Nick finds new hope in the form of an unexpected visitor.


Jude finally admits his true feelings for Charlotte. Alex confronts his past. Josh and Dani go orienteering in the bush.


Alex is feeling pressured by Leah. Fisher decides to take a leaf out of June’s book and approach life from a different perspective. Sally questions Jude when she learns he is back with Charlotte.


Alex finally asserts his independence with Leah. Rhys and Shelley’s relationship begins to suffer under the strain of family tension. Fisher makes a breakthrough with a young boy at the Drop-in Centre. Dani and Josh long for privacy.


Noah collapses. Sally is shocked when Brett Egan arrives back in the Bay. Leah realises that she has been taking Alex for granted.


Charlotte puts her baby at risk to try and save Noah’s life. Sally is intrigued by Brett’s presence in the Bay. Kirsty is furious when she learns Dani has posted a story on the net about her taking an ‘e’. Rhys and Shelley examine the effect their family dramas are having on their marriage.


Dani’s relationship with Josh is affected by her continued memories of Kane. Hayley desperately wills Noah to survive. Sally receives a startling piece of information.