1998 Season Premiere
Rebecca and Travis are finding married life bliss. After spending six wonderful weeks together, Pippa and Ian know that it all has to end soon. Chloe is taken aback to find Lachlan is considering taking a job in the city. Vinnie, Joey and Aaron dream of becoming rock stars.


Ian tells Pippa he wants to quit his job and stay with her in Summer Bay. Lachlan is having trouble making a decision about the city job. Tiegan and Joey hit rocky ground.


Marilyn finally decides to go ahead with the operation. Lachlan doesn’t know how to tell his mother about his job decision. Ian leaves Summer Bay… but is it for good?


Will Marilyn’s operation allow her to have the baby she so desperately wants, or will it result in an emergency hysterectomy?


Ailsa, Rebecca and Travis keep Fisher company while he waits for news of Marilyn’s operation. Travis and Rebecca go out on the boat for a belated honeymoon. Alf and Hai arrive at the Bait Shop to find racist graffiti all over the walls.


Travis drifts unconscious on a boat. Vinnie’s dole gets suspended, landing him in all sorts of strife. Joey and Aaron are becoming more and more committed to the idea of becoming a band. Alf accuses Vinnie of being the racist graffiti artist.


To Rebecca’s relief, Travis is found with only a minor concussion. The kids are flattened by Pippa’s announcement to travel the country with Ian.


Diana warns Chloe that she’ll regret not taking the ANU scholarship. Kylie is surprised to find she’s jealous of Paula. Tiegan tells Pippa she’s doing the right thing going away with Ian. Tiegan and Joey repair their relationship.


Diana tells Lachlan that she’s disappointed that he’s compromising his ambitions for Chloe. Alf and Jesse agree on an out of court settlement.


Vinnie tries everything but can’t get together the money to repay Rod. Diana organises for Lachlan’s ex-girlfriend, Claudia, to come and stay.


Lachie is tempted by his old girlfriend, Claudia while Chloe is away. The kids like the idea of having a supervision order, but Pippa hesitates. What kind of racket has Rod got going on?


Hai comes up with a business idea for Travis. Pippa reveals she won’t go on the trip if it means leaving the kids alone. Chloe is furious that Lachie was too embarrassed to tell Claudia she was pregnant.


Chloe finally tells Diana exactly what she thinks of her. Rebecca and Travis regret saying no to Justine and Tiegan’s Community Placement idea.


Vinnie can’t manage to find himself a job. Kylie and Jesse seem to have feelings for each other. Sam’s friendship with Rod may be leading him into trouble.


Sam raids the car he’s stolen straight through a store window.


Sam has to resort to lies to cover his tracks. Something is bothering Rod, but nobody knows what it is. Alf offers Justine a place to live when Pippa goes away, but Justine tells him to stick it.


Chloe dumps Lachie. Justine starts some serious drinking and doesn’t want to stop. Tiegan wants to join Joey’s band. Joey gives up on women.


Diana doesn’t pretend to be anything less than pleased when Chloe breaks up with Lachie. Jesse seems to be falling in love with Kylie all over again? Pippa is worried that Justine might take to alcohol like she took to drugs.


Kylie decides to move out – the arrangement with Jesse just isn’t working out. Sally assumes that she and Tim will look after the Ross house while Pippa’s away. Diana blackmails Chloe into staying away from Lachie.


Rod drops Sam from the ram-raiding gang. Pippa agrees to have Rebecca and Travis mind her house while she’s away. Kylie and Jesse finally give into their feelings for each other.