Sam has to resort to lies to cover his tracks. Something is bothering Rod, but nobody knows what it is. Alf offers Justine a place to live when Pippa goes away, but Justine tells him to stick it.


Chloe dumps Lachie. Justine starts some serious drinking and doesn’t want to stop. Tiegan wants to join Joey’s band. Joey gives up on women.


Diana doesn’t pretend to be anything less than pleased when Chloe breaks up with Lachie. Jesse seems to be falling in love with Kylie all over again? Pippa is worried that Justine might take to alcohol like she took to drugs.


Kylie decides to move out – the arrangement with Jesse just isn’t working out. Sally assumes that she and Tim will look after the Ross house while Pippa’s away. Diana blackmails Chloe into staying away from Lachie.


Rod drops Sam from the ram-raiding gang. Pippa agrees to have Rebecca and Travis mind her house while she’s away. Kylie and Jesse finally give into their feelings for each other.


Travis and Tim find an abandoned car with bloodstains on the seats whilst Sam is rushed to hospital with a serious wound. Chloe tells Lachie she doesn’t love him. Tim feels that Sally is using him. Kylie and Jesse are back together for good.


Terri arrests Rod and Sam for the ram-raid. Tiegan is to be punished by the student council. Sally apologises to Tim.


The school council puts Tiegan on two weeks of rubbish duty. Justine starts overeating. Rebecca and Travis realise fostering is going to be a constant pressure. Hai makes some signs in Vietnamese, Cantonese and Japanese for the Bait Shop.


Lachie finds out that his mother has been blackmailing Chloe. Alf faces his own prejudices when Hai leaves town. Tiegan becomes the new guitarist for the band.


A new kid arrives in Summer Bay and surprises Irene. Sam gets off on a good-beheaviour bond. Will Sally leave Summer Bay? Lachie tells Diana that he and Chloe are moving in together.


Chloe decides she doesn’t want to move in with Lachie. Will causes trouble between Irene and Joey. Tiegan plants some prawns in Lillian’s locker.


Joey gloats about having two women after him. Will is still trying to cause trouble at the beach house. Kylie thinks Jesse may be the father of Chloe’s baby. Lillian’s friendship with Justine makes Tiegan hate her even more.


A new family moves into Summer Bay. Irene finally figures out why Will has been acting strangely. Chloe and Lachie decide to move into Travis and Rebecca’s apartment.


Travis is hurt that his brother has let seventeen years go by without contacting him. Vinnie hits on Gypsy, the new girl in town. Marilyn decides that Fisher has to get fit.


Justine finds out that Vinnie has been two-timing her. Joel finds Travis and decides it is time for them to talk. Rebecca and Natalie become friends.


Vinnie tries to juggle two women at once. Lillian’s crush on Joey worsens. Travis is suspicious when he finally meets Natalie.


Travis’ curiosity about Natalie has got the better of him. Joey and Tiegan kiss and make up. Will and Joel have a clash.


Tim starts to show signs of jealousy. The truth finally comes out as to why Joel left left Summer Bay. The little old lady from next door won’t leave Chloe and Lachie alone. Gypsy and Will start to hang out together.


Jesse and Kylie discuss having more children. Tim upsets Sally with talk of Scott. Chloe and Lachie’s neighbour is turning out to be a nightmare.


Kylie decides she doesn’t want any more children. Sally breaks off her relationship with Tim but he refuses to let her go easily. Lachie and Chloe rethink their parenting ideas.