Tim accuses Travis of having a hidden agenda by moving into the Ross house. Lillian shows her true colours. Will and Gypsy get together. Tom joins Joey and Aaron’s band.


Rebecca organises a series of musical performances as an elective for the kids. Tim and Lillian both turn nasty. The girls form a band.


Travis and Joel decide it is time to bury the dead. Chloe visits her father in jail. Tim leaves Summer Bay. Jesse proposes to Kylie.


Kylie tells Jesse she can’t marry him. Justine decides to drop maths and pick up drama. Chloe starts a petition to get her father out of jail.


Kylie finally accepts Jesse’s proposal. Lillian creeps into Aaron’s life. Justine and Tom get close. Kylie finally accepts Jesse’s proposal.


Jesse suspects there is something Kylie’s not telling him. Aaron is sacrificing all of his friends for Lillian. Joel and Tom can’t agree on anything. Travis gives Vinnie a one-day trial as his deckhand.


Gypsy realises that Tom is falling for Justine. Band rivalry is rife between the kids. Joey, Tiegan and Justine carry out their plans to save Aaron from Lillian’s nasty tricks. Travis and Rebecca go to the foster parents’ meeting in the city. Vinnie takes Travis’ boat and has an accident…


Chloe is upset by Lachie acting as a doctor rather than the father. Ralph finds that Vinnie has no clue of navigating. Aaron discovers that Lillian told Fisher about Vinnie taking Travis’ boat and dumps her. Alf finds out why the developer wants his land…


Kylie refuses to have Rachel vaccinated while Jesse wants her immunised. Chloe is determined to have a home birth, despite Lachie’s worries it may go wrong.


Kylie changes her mind about Rachel’s vaccination. Lachie and Chloe agree on having a home birth. Joey, Gypsy and Tiegan decide to help with the petition against Bonza Burgers. Sally discovers some news about Kylie…


Jesse and Kylie organise to be married on their anniversary. Will has a talent for song writing, but are his lyrics too racy? Ian returns and Pippa’s getting prepared. Sal decides to organise a party for Pip.


A farewell party for Pippa gets underway. Tom and his father make up. Travis gives Tom the job on his boat. Tom walks away from the girl he is secretly in love with.


Summer Bay says goodbye to a much-loved resident. Lachie and Chloe catch Jason holding another girl’s hand. Vinnie gets a job, to Travis’ amusement.


Justine realises that Tom has a crush on her. Chloe and Lachie try to protect Terri, but end up hurting her. The girls have a hen party. The lads watch a video – Alf’s feeling a bit left out! A stripper is hired – we find that it’s actually Vinnie!


Terri accuses Lachie of only getting together with Chloe because she is pregnant. Jesse is stunned when Kylie is arrested. Will refuses to accept Fisher’s help.


Jesse learns some shocking news about Kylie. Jason is warned against intimidating the local kids. Travis and Rebecca find parenthood worse than they thought. Rachel overhears some news of her mother…


When the Bonza Burgers site goes up in flames, an arsonist is believed to be on the loose in Summer Bay. Jesse gets Kylie released on bail. Aaron, Justine and Tiegan discover that Joey’s entering the competition! Tamara catches her husband flirting.


Jesse still wants to go ahead with the wedding, but will Kylie refuse? Tom and Vinnie challenge each other to enter the Triathlon. Natalie takes up rowing exercises.


Will deliberately injures another player on the soccer field. The rivalry between Tom and Vinnie escalates. Natalie decides to join a rowing club, but Tom is against it.


Joel teaches Will a lesson about violence. Tom learns his mother could have been a champion. Justine realises that she has hurt Tom. Vinnie and Tom are determined to win.

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