Tom is determined to beat Vinnie in the triathlon – even if it breaks him. Rebecca and Travis are lost for what to do about Sam and Tiegan’s constant squabbling. Ailsa is shocked to see the change in Alf.


Sam refuses to discuss what happened to his hand while at the carnival. Vinnie is suddenly feeling very down. Joey and Aaron cringe when Vinnie announces their band name to the public. Everyone laughs at Bonza Burgers’ first employee.


Kylie is horrified to learn what her sentence could be. Georgia, the crisis care child, is as bad as they come. Vinnie isn’t looking forward to the intensive training course he must attend.


The evil Georgia becomes the cause of Travis and Rebecca’s first argument. Does Kylie go along with Jesse’s idea of skipping bail and leaving Summer Bay? Alf and Ailsa decide to modernise the diner.


Vinnie appears to be the new face of Bonza Burgers and he’ll do anything to get fired. Travis and Rebecca have some healing to do. Kylie’s true feelings about her family finally surface and she makes a huge decision.


The Broken Dolls and The Chick Magnets prepare for the big night. Jesse reminds Kylie that anything they do is for their daughter’s sake. Sam has things in store for Tiegan. Vinnie has a dream.


Gypsy and Will get locked in the school music room. The bands are a huge hit at the school dance.


Joel and Natalie are frantic as they search for Gypsy. Sam gets Tiegan back with a practical joke.


Natalie is infuriated at Joel’s double standards. Tiegan is humiliated at work. Irene realises she’s nothing more than a landlady to the kids.


Kylie thinks about her plans and if they are worth the risk. Jesse chats with Lachlan about the great times they’ve shared. Travis offers to lower the rent to help with Jesse’s parental responsibilities.


Terri interrogates Lachie about Kylie and Jesse’s whereabouts. Vinnie strips in the Bonza Burgers uniform. Tom gets busted lying to his parents.


Chloe awakes in the middle of the night with stomach cramps – is it baby time? Alf is furious when he inherits a bank overdraft. Natalie accuses Joel of having double standards when it comes to their kids.


Chloe’s baby isn’t quiet ready to make its appearance yet. Vinnie makes Fisher an offer he can’t refuse. Natalie knows that Tom is headed for a fall when she sees Candy with another guy.


Chloe is in excruciating pain as she times the contractions until her baby arrives. A heartbroken Tom mopes around the place feeling sorry for himself. Vinnie thinks that the Broken Magnets will be the school’s saviour.


Lachie and Chloe argue over a name for their baby. Joey gets himself in a spot when he must collect a competition prize… as a girl! Tom has a heart to heart with Natalie. Fisher has good news for Vinnie and the band.


Kylie gets pulled over by the cops. Vinnie is destined for the top. Joey goes so far as to wax in preparation to collect his prize money in drag.


Kylie implicates Rebecca as she lies about her identity to a police officer. Joey becomes a wanted man… or woman! Vinnie finally gets his revenge.


Terri gets Kylie busted. Jason leaves Summer Bay as he thinks his job is done. Fisher bans Joey from performing with the school band.


Will Jesse and Rachel show up for Kylie’s trial? Joey is haunted by the press about his cross-dressing. Gypsy demands to know what is going on with Will.


Kylie receives her sentence from the judge and little Rachel doesn’t understand what is happening to her mother. Diana returns to Summer Bay to visit her grandchild. Fisher tries to help Joey escape the press.

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