Charlotte’s body is found. Ricky decides to tell Nate that Brax is alive. Detective Dylan Carter comes back into Kat’s life.

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Ash is interviewed as a murder suspect. Josh finds out that Evie and Andy kissed.

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Kat shuts Dylan down. Hunter returns and finds out that his mother has been murdered. Josh tells Evie and Andy that he’s leaving Summer Bay.

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Are Matt and Maddy moving too fast? Hunter grieves for Charlotte – but who is he hiding from Olivia? Skye helps Oscar move on with his life.

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Can Oscar save Skye from her Mum? Will Maddy adjust her lifestyle to suit Matt’s? Billie prepares to face her charges.

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Will Hunter admit he framed Billie? Is Phoebe willing to give Ash a second chance?

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Olivia supports Hunter in the aftermath of his confession. Have Kat and Dylan found Charlotte’s real killer? Ash and Phoebe try to get back on track.

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Dylan grills Irene over Charlotte’s murder. Ash challenges Dylan after finding out that he was abusive to Kat. Chris punches Andy and tells Hannah that she’s a selfish heartbreaker.

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Roo invites Maddy and Matt to move in with her. Oscar offers to accompany Skye to visit her mum. Ricky returns to find Josh unwittingly neglected Casey.

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Ricky recommits to Nate – but will a surprise visitor change everything? Roo convinces Maddy & Matt to move in with her. Josh realises he has to turn his life around.

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Will Brax win Ricky back?


Brax’s return rocks Ricky and Nate’s relationship. Dylan sets out to prove that Ash killed Charlotte. Have Phoebe’s feelings for Ash changed?


Kat proves Ash’s innocence. Andy and Hannah can’t deny their feelings any longer. Phoebe and Ash get back on track.


Chris is still angry at Hannah. Roo, Maddy & Matt juggle moving in together. John gets a call – Marilyn’s been in an accident overseas. Evelyn finds a lump in her breast and fears the worst. Andy and Hannah finally end their romantic connection.


Leah, Zac & Oscar comfort Evie. Skye moves in to the Beach House and Olivia is not happy about it. Hannah thinks she may have lost Chris forever.


Evelyn gets her results. Matt and Maddy fight over cleaning at their new place. Ricky is worried that Nate can’t get past Brax. Ricky surprises Nate by setting up plans for them to get married this week!


Nate moves into the Palmer House with Ricky and Casey. Josh and Evie reconnect. Hannah admits to Evie that she still loves Chris.


Hannah is found by Chris, thankfully only with a concussion. Evelyn and Josh reunite through an awkward date. Kat discovers Charlotte called someone right before her death… it was Kyle.


Billie encourages VJ to forgive Hunter. Ash & Andy decide to go into business together. Olivia whinges about Skye who overhears everything. Dylan & Kat find new evidence for Charlotte’s murderer.


Ash and Andy get rejected by the bank, but Kat offers to invest in their business. VJ and Hunter finally come to a truce and Leah invites Hunter to move back in. Kat and Dylan ask Zac in for questioning.