Kat and Ash are in denial about their attraction after their kiss. Billie has an horrific encounter at the gym. The honeymoon appears to be over too soon for Ricky and Nate.


Billie cant bring herself to report her attack. Nate reaches breaking point with Ricky’s lack of commitment. Dom gets under Phoebe’s skin. The Hospital Fundraiser is forced to change venue.


Andy’s anger towards Tank leads to an impulsive and reckless decision. Ricky and Nate’s tension simmers. Chris and Hannah agree to move in together. Phoebe and Dom continue to chide one another. Olivia comes clean about her relapse. Irene is being watched. Tragedy strikes at the hospital fundraiser.


It’s chaos in the Bay after the explosion – who won’t survive? Has Irene invited a dangerous stranger into her house? Kat finally pieces together who murdered Charlotte King.


Evelyn and her family are in shock. Ricky suffers a life-changing complication. Andy’s guilt compels him to look after Tank. Hannah battles on at work – is she putting her health at risk?


Kat finally confronts Charlotte’s murderer. The MacGuires are forced to deal with more tragic news. Maddy’s injury has drastic consequences.


Summer Bay reacts to the news of another death. Andy struggles with his guilt over the part he played in the accident. Roo has to convince Maddy to save herself. Chris breaks down completely. Billie and VJ make a big decision.


A hostage situation threatens another life as Dylan goes after Ash to get to Kat. Skye learns the dark truth from Tank. Olivia is concerned over the whereabouts of Irene. Billie learns a potentially life changing bit of news.


Summer Bay gathers to say goodbye to two of it’s residents.


Andy struggles with his guilt over the accident. VJ’s efforts to woo Billie seem to be working, but Billie is still haunted by her assault.


Summer Bay continues to mourn. Andy’s confession does nothing to ease his guilt. Dom has another lady in his life.


Distance grows between Ricky and Nate. Matt and Maddy struggle over their future with a disability. Phoebe realises that her attempts to win over Bella won’t be easy.


Tori starts to butt heads with those around her. Relationship woes run rampant in Summer Bay.


Roo and Matt fear the worst as the search for Maddy intensifies. Maddy risks everything for one final goodbye. Nate chases new endeavours while his marriage flounders.


Maddy must choose between two lives. Skye and Tank reunite. Evelyn and Josh are shattered to learn the truth about the accident.


Zac and Evelyn feel betrayed after learning Leah knew about Andy’s involvement in the accident. Leah discovers VJ and Billie are in a relationship. Skye is increasingly attracted to Tank.


Roo blames herself for the fundraising disaster. Phoebe and Dom fight over Bella. Phoebe discovers Ash and Kat’s secret.


Phoebe feels betrayed. Olivia is hiding another secret. Could Nate and Ricky’s marriage be over already?


Nate and Ricky’s relationship gets back on track, only to be derailed by Nate spying a text. Dom and Phoebe put their differences aside to search for Bella. Olivia finds an unlikely supporter.


Nate is troubled to learn that Ricky thinks their marriage is on the rocks. Kat and Phoebe are forced to face each other over an awkward lunch. Billie latches onto a lie.

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