Zac is haunted by flashbacks from prison but still manages to save Hunter. Skye realises VJ has a crush on Billie. Greg finds out Zac was in prison with his son, Wayne. Leah continues to worry over Zac’s mindset.


Zac reaches breaking point and admits he needs help. Billie learns VJ has a crush on her. Ash realises Dylan has been playing him.


The gang rally to get Matt out of his funk. Maddy is the victim of online abuse. Kat’s affair with Dylan is exposed.


Kat sticks by Dylan, who loses his cool when she is taken off the case. Matt learns about Maddy’s cyber bullies and tries to help. Ricky is devastated to learn there’s no way for Kyle to avoid gaol.


Zac struggles with whether to help Tank or not. Kat’s relationship with Dylan takes an unsettling turn. Maddy and Matt start to see through the fog of their cyber bullying.


Evie tries to erase her past and Josh makes a surprising gesture. Billie tries to let VJ down gently. Zac blames himself for what happened to Tank.


Wedding tension between Ricky and Nate escalates. Olivia has trouble confessing a secret to Hunter. Evelyn confronts Tank with an unexpected outcome.


A blast from the past causes Ricky to question whether she still wants to marry Nate. Olivia is devastated after some shocking news. Kat’s finding it harder to hide her doubts about Dylan.


Kyle is tempted by a surprising offer from Isla. Ricky realises who she truly loves. Kat’s mistrust of Dylan grows.


Nate fears he’s been stood up at the altar. Ash warns Dylan to stay away from his sister. Could this be Kyle’s last night of freedom?


Kat pulls Ash into a dangerous scheme to expose Dylan. Kyle faces his moment of truth in court. Ricky fears her family is about to be ripped apart yet again.


Kat goes to the police about Dylan’s violence. Olivia finally tells Hunter what she’s hiding. Kyle says goodbye to Summer Bay.


Skye reaches out to a stranger. Olivia makes a decision about her pregnancy. Evie’s surprise announcement is derailed. VJ attacks Tank.


Is Skye falling for Tank’s charms? Olivia faces up to her difficult and confronting choice. Zac and Leah continue to disagree over Tank.


Kat succeeds in getting Dylan suspended. Skye grows closer to Tank. Phoebe struggles with Ash’s presence at the Farm House.


Skye and Tank defy the town. Ash and Kat can no longer deny their mutual attraction. Olivia has a secret.

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