Kat is forced to arrest Ash. Can Matt and Evelyn ever be friends again? Phoebe can’t believe that Justin would hire Hope.


Justin sabotages Phoebe’s date. VJ feels trapped by his life with Billie. Ash’s attempt to fix his mistake has deadly consequences. Mason thinks there’s something happening between Evelyn and Brody.


Billie and her baby’s lives hang in the balance. VJ and Phoebe each struggle with crippling guilt. Nate makes a devastating discovery.


Billie pleads with Nate to keep her secret. Caroline’s “medication” gets the better of her. Hunter and VJ each make snap decisions about their futures.


Caroline’s secrets are exposed. Leah catches Zac in a lie. Duncan reaches a difficult decision.


Can Justin win Phoebe back? Roo learns Caroline’s terrible secret. Hunter decides on a new path – but will Olivia join him? Brody’s impressive new signature dish could spell trouble for the Morgans.


Can Caroline tell Duncan the truth? The Morgans dark past continues to haunt them. Hunter faces resistance to his gap year plans with Olivia. Will Kat get drawn back to Ash?


Can Nate convince Billie to tell the truth? Will Kat and Ash be able to keep their relationship a secret? What is Zac hiding from Leah?


Will Nate blow Billie’s secret? Ellie plays a dangerous game to get Matt off her back. Tori prepares Hope and Raffy for Decker’s future.


Will Decker’s deteriorating condition divide the Morgans? Can Raffy convince Hope to stay in Summer Bay? Matt’s attempt to teach Ellie a lesson reveals his true feelings for Evelyn.


Brody finally learns the truth from Decker. Ash and Kat’s secret relationship lands them in hot water. Who is the mysterious girl in the photo?


Brody finally understands his visions. Will a half-naked Kat be discovered by her boss in the Garage? Decker finally reveals his shocking secret. A credit card scam leads authorities to Ash.


The Morgans struggle to come to terms with Decker’s secret. VJ’s 18th birthday ends with a life-changing question for Billie.


Can Duncan say goodbye to Caroline and his son? Has Billie ruined things with VJ? Evelyn and Matt are drawn together.


Will Duncan leave the bay? Alf’s heart goes out to Caroline and Bryce. Evelyn sets Matt up on a disastrous blind date.


The truth about Raffy is exposed. Does Evelyn have feelings for Matt? Duncan gets his chance with Tori.


After Hope’s accident, Raffy has the Morgans wondering if she knows their shared family secret. Hunter tries his best to be studious until a tempting offer raises its head. Evelyn confesses she’s not over Josh.


Hunter is caught in an exam-cheating scam, despite his intentions to sit them properly. Like father like son, is Zac cheating too? Phoebe and Justin are at odds over his many secrets.


VJ makes an announcement, before finding evidence that puts everything in doubt. Kat and Ash are sneaking about, but who is watching them? Zac is full of apologies, but has he quit his bad habits?


VJ and Billie struggle with their new arrangement. Kat and Ash’s blackmailer makes himself known. Nate and Tori are getting along great, until Duncan appears.