Zac is denied bail as Leah momentarily doubts his innocence. Ricky and Nate’s wires are crossed as to why he’s taking multiple shifts at work.


Morag suspects Dylan is behind Zac being denied bail. Skye is heartbroken when she sees Oscar kissing another girl. A woman shows up on Irene’s doorstep, claiming to be her long-lost daughter.


Kyle’s dark past finally catches up with him. Chris and Hannah navigate the rocky road to love. Irene’s world is turned upside down.


Olivia fears Irene is being manipulated by Claire. Kyle contemplates a desperate act. Hannah receives a phone call which could change her life forever.


Hannah tests positive to having the cancer gene. Billie realises Kyle’s planning to burn down Angelo’s. Matt and Maddy make peace.


Hannah is faced with a life changing decision. Kyle attempts to protect Isla, with disastrous results. Roo issues Maddy and Matt with an ultimatum.


Ricky holds grave fears for a missing Kyle. Dave threatens the lives of Kyle and Isla. The Summer Bay house is vandalised in response to Zac’s charges.


Summer Bay turns on Leah and her family. Kat lets down her guard with Dylan. Ash and Andy face a devastating setback.


Kat starts to believe Dylan has really changed. Olivia’s suspicions about Claire deepen when Claire takes money from Irene. Ash and Andy’s business gets off to a strange start.


Hannah struggles to say goodbye to her pre-op body. Phoebe prevents Kat from having a second date with Dylan. Despite Ricky’s warnings, Kyle gets in too deep with Isla.


Chris’ devotion to Hannah grows as she undergoes her double mastectomy. Evelyn struggles to deal with Hannah’s surgery. Kyle’s shocked when Isla kidnaps her children.


Hannah struggles post-surgery to come to terms with what she’s done. Phoebe and Ash butt heads over how to run the garage. Kat is drawn back into Dylan’s web when he kisses her.


Dylan’s jealousy over Kat could mean trouble for Ash. Has Morag come up with the breakthrough to clear Zac’s name? Olivia has devastating news for Irene.


Irene and Claire are heartbroken following Olivia’s revelation. Oscar’s success with ladies makes Skye jealous. Matt makes a life-changing choice.


Hannah returns from hospital and struggles after her mastectomy. Irene comes to terms with the fact that Claire is not her daughter. Olivia and Hunter make amends only for Lindsay to cause chaos once more.


Zac returns home from prison but is hiding something. Olivia is set up by Lindsay with an incriminating photo. Skye recognises her self-worth despite her unrequited feelings for Oscar.


Zac and Leah finally reconnect. Kat blurs the lines of professionalism with Detective Dylan Carter. Matt becomes the primary murder suspect in Charlotte’s murder investigation.


Matt is brought in a second time for questioning. Phoebe is busy with the fundraiser, minus the help of a preoccupied Ash. Kyle finally locates Isla working in a brothel.


Ash goes to reconnect with an old friend but makes a big mistake. Isla and Kyle heat things up with an unexpected kiss. Hannah has a confronting outburst at the fundraiser.


Irene opens up about her sexual abuse to Hannah to help her recovery. Chris and Hannah’s love is strengthened as they plan for the future. Ash confesses to Phoebe that he thinks he cheated.