Andy risks it all to put his plan into place for Josh – but will Josh go ahead with it? Josh and Evie share an emotional goodbye. Leah’s devastated by VJ’s decision to move out, but Billie realises she’s not ready for the next step.


Josh and Andy escape justice. Tori’s private feelings for Nate grow. Nate is drugged by the mysterious Spike.


When Nate is drugged, Tori realises her family’s lives are in danger. A shocking reveal shows who the bad guys really are. Ash is left with a moral dilemma.


The Morgans are forced to go back on the run. John and Marilyn welcome a new arrival. Roo’s dismayed to discover Alf’s plans. Olivia fears Hunter isn’t coping.


VJ is bitterly disappointed when he realises Billie conspired against him with Leah. Olivia is concerned when Hunter conflicts with Jordan – resulting in a punch. John tries too hard to impress Jordan. Roo questions her decision.


Mason makes a dangerous decision. John and Marilyn struggle to connect with Jordan. VJ and Billies relationship reaches breaking point. Olivia starts to doubt her relationship with Hunter.


Olivia calls Hunter’s bluff – are they really over? Lonely and confused, Nate accepts the overtures of a new love interest. Tori and her brothers face the man that killed their parents.


The Morgan family may be fractured forever in the wake of Brody’s injury. Roo and Alf clash over Duncan. Ash wrestles with a difficult decision.


Ash’s guilt intensifies as he continues to lie to Kat. Marilyn and John’s skills as foster parents are seriously tested. Evelyn faces a challenging setback as she tries to move on with her life.


VJ’s decision has a major impact on his relationship with Billie. Marilyn and John have a breakthrough. Evelyn finds a positive way to use her inheritance. Alf remains firm on his position.


Nate is torn between Danika and Tori. Billie and VJ get back together. Justin’s family refuse to forgive him.


A mysterious stranger returns to the Bay. The Morgans implode yet further. Ash is presented with a difficult solution to the Garage. Chris attempts to help Nate sort out his messy love life.


Ash tells Kat the truth about Justin’s investment in the garage. Duncan’s rift with Alf gets wider when he reveals a secret. Tori doesn’t see how she can trust Justin ever again. Marilyn and John try to give Jordan a memorable 16th birthday.


Marilyn and John fear losing Jordan. Duncan comes clean to Alf. Mason and Evelyn re-connect. Olivia makes a new friend.


Is this the end for Hunter and Olivia? Mason is positive he’s ruined things with Evelyn for good. Leah fears her relationship is in jeopardy. Billie’s guilt is compounded as she grows closer to Irene.


Kat hands in her police badge – did she confess about the dirty cash? Aaron denies having robbed Marilyn and John. Evelyn goes hard at a Uni party – much to Matt’s concern.


Kat pushes Ash further away, as her world comes crashing down. John and Marilyn grapple with a shock change of heart. Evie shows Mason her wild side, and lands in hot water with Zac.


Kat questions her relationship with Ash. Do they have a future? Has Nate missed his chance with Tori? Duncan realises there’s still a long way to go with Alf.


Tori and Duncan go on a date while Nate stews. There’s tension between Tabitha and Hunter. Sparks fly between Justin and Phoebe.


Brody warns Phoebe and Justin away from each other. Olivia falls for Tabitha’s manipulations, pushing Hunter away.

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