Threatened by Spike, Justin and Phoebe unite to find the elusive “book”. Kat can’t escape the fallout from her association with Ash. Chris accuses Brody of stealing customers and a war begins.


Evelyn’s partying is out of control, but she pushes away anyone who tries to help. Chris gets ever more ridiculous in his vendetta against Brody’s cooking. Kat is adamant she and Ash have no future together.


Evelyn and Mason decide to be friends – with benefits. Leah struggles to accept her impending grandmotherhood. Alf and Duncan clash over Duncan’s new plans. Nate lays his heart on the line.


Justin and Phoebe make a breakthrough. Tabitha tries to keep Hunter and Olivia apart. Duncan and Alf have a nasty confrontation. Zac deceives Leah.


2016 Olympic Cliffhanger

Leah decides to go on the flight without Zac. Tori’s birthday flight takes off, but are they all in danger?


2016 Olympic Return

As a CO2 leak fills the cabin, our beloved Summer Bay passengers pass out and the plane crashes. Alf, Roo, VJ and Zac hear the news and all worry for their loved ones. Unable to wait, Ash and Justin set out to search for the wreckage.


Leah and Billie’s lives are in great danger. Is the baby at risk too? Desperate for news, the Summer Bay residents struggle to keep it together.


Rescue celebrations are short lived, there are still people missing. Hunter and Olivia grow closer, despite Tabitha’s best efforts to keep them apart. Justin sets out on a dangerous solo rescue mission. Alf crumbles, fearing he’s lost Duncan for good.


Tori’s desperation puts everyone in danger. Matt comes face to face with an intruder. Will Olivia and Hunter finally see through Tabitha’s lies?


The search for Brody continues. Roo fears for Alf’s wellbeing. Roo discovers what Matt’s been hiding. Alf writes a letter to Duncan finally telling him how he feels.


Brody’s life hangs in the balance. Matt fights for Ellie. Evelyn’s convinced that Oscar’s looking out for her.


Justin confronts Decker over his betrayal. Billie worries her baby will turn out like it’s father. Duncan considers leaving the Bay.


Hunter is framed for the school system hack by Tabitha. Kat and Phoebe set themselves up on a blind date. Leah, VJ and Billie clash over the sex of the baby.

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