Zac and Leah are in a rut. A match made in heaven quickly turns to the date from hell for Phoebe and Kat. Olivia’s shocked by Tabitha’s betrayal. Chris questions his dedication to Hannah.


Zac and Leah take drastic action to save their marriage. Matt realises parenting is hard work. Evelyn becomes obsessed.


Evelyn continues to spiral in her grief for Oscar, putting her life in danger. Brody comes home from hospital, continuing to have strange dreams. Tori & Justin argue over whether to loosen their own rules about relationships while in witness protection.


Kat gets into trouble on her first shift at Salt. Tori and Duncan’s romance is rekindled. Evelyn is saved by Chris from drowning and finally says goodbye to Oscar.


Leah and Zac’s experiment is paying off – the romance is heating up. Hunter and Olivia both confess they still love each other. Olivia traps Tabitha into confessing she changed Hunter’s mark.


A crushed Olivia cuts ties with Tabitha and tells Hunter she can’t be with him right now. Billie pleads with VJ to accept help with the baby. What’s really going on with Matt’s sister?


Matt discovers the root of Ellie’s behavioural issues. Alf and Duncan start a new business venture together. Tori is confronted by the realities of her relationship. Justin fights to resists Decker’s efforts.


Brody is troubled by disturbing memories. A surprise arrival leaves Tori doubting her relationship with Duncan. Chris is positive Nate’s still in with a chance. Will Justin sacrifice his relationship with Phoebe, rather than be honest?


Phoebe’s dragged into Decker’s attempts to get to Justin. Brody is shocked by a new detail. Kat grows closer to Ash – is he the one for her?


Justin heads off in search of answers about Decker. Kat and Ash fight their feelings for each other. Olivia’s pushed to the edge by vengeful Tabitha.


Can Mason and Evelyn handle being “friends with benefits”? Olivia faces another cyberbullying attack. John and Chris join forces.


Will Mason lay his heart on the line? Marilyn discovers her secret admirer. Can Matt and Evelyn’s support help Ellie? Billie solves a baby naming dilemma.


Brody struggles to reconcile his memories. Justin stakes out Decker’s mysterious address, meeting Hope and Raffy. Evelyn can’t believe Mason doesn’t want a “No strings” relationship.


The Morgans battle to save the life of the man who holds the key to their past. Tori’s relationship with Duncan is threatened by his ex-wife.


Zac and Leah each privately struggle being apart. Duncan confronts Caroline about messing with his relationship. Chris’ struggle to move on leads to big life change.


Chris makes a big decision and starts a new adventure. Mason can’t hide his feelings for Evelyn any longer. Hunter works up the courage to ask Olivia out.


Olivia finds herself a virtual prisoner in her bedroom when she becomes the victim of a cruel and depraved cyber bully.


Can Olivia put her demons in the past for good? Ash helps Kat get a second chance. Hope pushes herself into Justin’s orbit.


Phoebe’s jealous of Hope’s relationship with Justin. Olivia sees another side of Tabitha. Evelyn warns Matt against falsely protecting his sister. Who’s responsible for vandalising the school?


Phoebe and Justin are at odds over Hope. Evelyn struggles to deal with the house chaos. Who lit the school fire?

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