The funeral of a loved one brings the Summer bay community together. Alf is released from prison on bail. Liam and Bianca are living together in bliss.

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Alf, angry on his return home, attacks Will. Ruby attacks Charlie about her and Angelo’s break up. Irene tries to help Will move on with his life. Nicole and Marilyn return to Summer Bay.

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Leah is surprised by VJ’s maturity. Marilyn tells Sid she is adopting Nicole’s baby. Morag starts preparing Alf’s defence.

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Sid tries to accept Marilyn’s idea. Xavier tries to move on from April. Dex helps VJ prepare for High School.

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Will admits that he lied about Alf. April returns to Summer Bay. Irene tries to get Will to look after a sick Lily.

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Charlie and Morag try to find Will. Liam and Bianca try to get used to having April around. Robertson’s investigation takes a surprise twist.

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The ‘real’ Shandi Palmer arrives in Summer Bay and meets her father. Meanwhile, Charlie and Angelo try to track down imposter Daria.

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Charlie and Robertson interrogate Daria over her knowledge of Penn’s murder. Xavier tries to mend his relationship with April. April has a secret she is keeping from Xavier.

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Bianca questions April about her father. Gina decides to talk to Bianca about April leaving school early. Marilyn presses Sid for a decision on Nicole’s baby. Romeo and Indi grow further apart.

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Irene tries to get through to Will. Sid tells the kids about Marilyn’s plan. Concerned for Lily, Irene is forced to betray Will.

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The truth about Penn’s death is finally revealed. Lily finds out Irene called the police on Will.


Alf and John clash over changes John has made at the Surf Club. Lily wants to see Will. Colleen throws a party to celebrate Alf’s freedom.


Alf resigns from the Surf Club. Indi and Nicole go to O-Week. Marilyn considers other options besides Nicole’s baby.


While Indi is passed out drunk, Ruby kisses Romeo. April reveals she stole some chemicals from school. Nicole agrees to make a contract with Sid and Marilyn.


Gina thinks Xavier stole the chemicals from School. April’s radical plans turn fatal. Ruby tries to find out what is going on with Romeo and Indi.


Alf announces an unexpected plan – he’s going to backpack around the world. As Xavier’s life hangs in the balance, April considers making a confession.

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Alf farewells the bay. April confesses to stealing the chemicals. Morag plans to stop the adoption of Nicole’s baby. Gina bans April from seeing Xavier.

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Nicole leaves for the city to think about her baby. Bianca fears the spark has gone from her relationship with Liam. The Braxtons cause trouble in Summer Bay. Miles makes a surprise return.

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Miles keeps the truth about Elijah from Leah. Brax makes his presence known – there’s a new bad boy in town. Romeo feels left out of Indi’s new life.

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Dex gets into trouble with the River Boys when he’s caught filming them. Romeo and Casey make unlikely friends. Leah discovers Elijah is on his way back to the bay.

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