Episode 5220

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2011
UK Air Date: 11th February 2011

Will admits that he lied about Alf. April returns to Summer Bay. Irene tries to get Will to look after a sick Lily.


Written by Josh Mapleston
Directed by Bill Hughes

Extended Summary

The morning after catching Xavier kissing Summer, April is down. Bianca tries to apologise for not intervening with Xavier and Summer, but April acknowledges it’s not her fault. Xavier turns up to talk to April, but despite her not wanting to break up with him, she still seems distant with him. At the Surf Club, Xavier tells Gina and John it felt like April was trying to get rid of him – he hates the suspense and just wants to know where they stand with each other. Xavier finds April down on the beach, who tells him that she isn’t sure she wants to be staying with Bianca. She contemplates asking Irene, until Xavier tells her Will is staying there. He jumps right in and asks if she met someone else whilst she was away, but she is firm that she didn’t. April goes to talk to Irene, giving Liam and Bianca some space as they move back to their house. Xavier catches up with her at the Diner, demanding to know why she’s being so distant. April tells him straight – she doesn’t know whether or not she wants to break up with him. She wants to be with him, but she needs some time to work some things out – but they have nothing to do with Xavier. She promises that when she’s sorted herself, he’ll be the first to know.

Later that night, Bianca tries to talking to an obviously upset April. April tells her that she ran away from their mother two weeks after they returned to Europe – there is more to the story, but April is clearly reluctant to share it. When Bianca has left her alone, she opens her laptop to read her e-mails – one in a particular from a man named Rene Lisle.

Will’s constant drinking is causing Irene concern, especially with Lily coming down ill. She points out to Will that his drinking is becoming more than a social activity and he needs to sober himself up if he wants her sticking by him. Will is surprised when Irene tells him Lily is ill, unaware that his daughter had been keeping the illness from him. Robertson turns up to talk to Will and when they sit down to talk, he tells him he’s starting to look guilty. Will admits he isn’t happy about what he’s done to Alf and contemplates retracting his statement. Robertson asks if Alf has done anything to Will to cause this change in mood, but Will is adamant Alf hasn’t done anything further. Robertson reminds Will that he’s doing this for Lily. Irene approaches Alf on the beach but gets a frosty reaction before she can even talk to him and retreats.

Morag finds Alf and he admits it’s time he was a little less hot headed and started helping out with the case – but still refuses to allow her to put Nicole on the stand. Morag goes to see Will and bumps into Robertson as he’s leaving – he decides to stay and hear what she has to say. Morag wishes to speak to Lily about Lily telling Robertson that “Dad did a bad thing” – and that if she needs to put Lily on the stand to discredit Will, then she will. She tells Will he could save everyone, including his daughter, a lot of heartache if he just told the truth. Robertson intervenes, but Morag is quick to remind him that all the evidence is circumstantial. After Robertson leaves, Will takes Lily out to play soccer – he is snappy with her, until she almost collapses. After a Doctor visits, Lily is put on medication for two weeks. She asks Will outright is Alf murdered Penn, and tells him that she doesn’t think he did – nobody that nice could kill another person. Will begins questioning whether or not he should testify, and tells Lily to go and pack her things. Morag receives a phone call from Will asking her to meet him, and she hurries out to do so. Irene arrives home to find a note from Will, apologising and telling her not to worry about them anymore. Will drives Morag to a remote location, and takes her phone away from her. Morag realises that he’s running and tells him he can’t leave Alf in the lurch. Will assures her Alf didn’t do it but Morag tells him that’s not good enough – she needs to know who did. Morag demands to know who he’s protecting, but he can’t tell her. He asks Morag to tell Alf he’s sorry, and speeds off into the night.