The funeral of a loved one brings the Summer bay community together. Alf is released from prison on bail. Liam and Bianca are living together in bliss.

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Alf, angry on his return home, attacks Will. Ruby attacks Charlie about her and Angelo’s break up. Irene tries to help Will move on with his life. Nicole and Marilyn return to Summer Bay.

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Leah is surprised by VJ’s maturity. Marilyn tells Sid she is adopting Nicole’s baby. Morag starts preparing Alf’s defence.

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Sid tries to accept Marilyn’s idea. Xavier tries to move on from April. Dex helps VJ prepare for High School.

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Will admits that he lied about Alf. April returns to Summer Bay. Irene tries to get Will to look after a sick Lily.

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Charlie and Morag try to find Will. Liam and Bianca try to get used to having April around. Robertson’s investigation takes a surprise twist.

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