Grace finds out about Elijah’s history with Leah. Brax asks Leah out, leaving Charlie a little bit jealous.


Leah has her date with Brax and is left less than impressed. Romeo witnesses Casey’s unsettling home life. Grace tries to make her marriage to Elijah official.


Indi tries to close the gap between her and Romeo. Dex introduces “Sheila” to the online community. Ruby wonders if Romeo and Casey are fighting over her.


Bianca’s finds out the truth about Liam’s “muse”. Indi gives the wrong impression to Romeo. Ruby sleeps with Romeo.


Romeo realises his very big mistake. Colleen has trouble moving on from her abduction. Ruby’s dreams are shattered.


Hell hath no fury like a Ruby scorned. VJ causes friction between Elijah and his stepson. Romeo struggles to keep his secret.


Charlie arrests Brax after he kisses her. Elijah realises he hasn’t thought everything through. Ruby’s broken heart sends her into a downward spiral.


Charlie’s frustration at Brax’s clean image grows. April is feeling out of place. Dex, Xavier and Casey join forces for science.


Morag decides to help Colleen with her anxiety. Casey’s shining moment is doused by his mother. April suffers a panic attack – is this the beginning of something serious?


Miles wants Casey to enter the Science competition. Bianca gives April a surprise party. Colleen tries to confront her fears.


Xavier steals the ‘Mad Max” car. Ruby rebels against Charlie. John goes looking for Xavier.


After catching them together, Charlie wants Casey to stay away from Ruby. Xavier tries to save his car. Miles tries to reach out to Casey. Ruby drops a bombshell.


A devastated Romeo tries to fix things with Indi. After speaking with VJ, Thabo confronts Elijah. Nicole is asked out on a date.


As Thabo’s condition worsens, Elijah has a crisis of faith. Nicole questions Angus’s motives on their date. Brax decides to put Angelo to the test.


Elijah and Grace struggle with Thabo’s death. Roo returns to Summer Bay permanently. A new Angelo’s opens.


Elijah’s issues come to a head. Roo’s return causes tension in the household. Nicole is unsure if she’s making the right choice.


Elijah has a choice to make. Ruby’s frustration grows. Romeo faces Indi and takes reponsibility for his actions.


Dex’s latest blog is a hit, much to Ruby’s humiliation. Casey tries to help Ruby.


Angelo starts to understand Brax’s operation. April’s insecurities begin to take hold. Marilyn drops a bombshell.


April breaks down. Roo finally has some success and finds a place to live.