Elijah’s future is decided, Ruby fights for Casey’s future. Casey finally makes his own decision.


Casey moves in with Ruby and Charlie. Miles tries to give VJ the ‘birds and the bees’ talk. Tegan arrives in the Bay to grill Brax.


Tegan discovers the truth out about Brax and Charlie. Sid breaks it off with Marilyn. Casey moves out with Brax.


Roo finds out that Sid and Marilyn have split. Indi and Romeo move in with Roo. April breaks up with Xavier.


Marilyn tries to move on with her life. Xavier finds out about Dex and April.


Dex and Sid console each other over their disastrous love lives. Roo and Sid get together. Elijah and Laura make a decision about their future.


Xavier confronts Dex and April. Sid and Roo have their first date. Indi doesnt react well to Sids new woman.


Xavier’s anger leads to disastrous results. Marilyn learns the truth. Sid and Roo take a big step.


Morag grills Brax. Xavier and John’s father-son relationship is tested. Heath questions Brax’s leadership.


Bianca tries to contact Liam. Roo and Marilyn form a truce. Brax has to choose between his old and new life.


Xavier meets a new girl. Marilyn struggles to come to terms with Roo and Sid. Bianca is attacked at the B&S ball.


Alf returns to a distraught Summer Bay. Xavier asks Kelly if she’ll stay with him. Heath is accused of attacking Bianca.


Laura leaves Summer Bay and takes Roo’s money with her. Kelly moves into Gina’s house. Dex tries to mend the bridges with Xavier.


Alf organises a welcome home lunch which ends in disaster. Liam returns to Summer Bay. Xavier and Kelly make a decision about their relationship.


The DNA results come back – will Heath be cleared? Alf struggles to find some direction. Inspector Joyce puts the pressure on Charlie.


Tegan gives Brax a stern warning. Roo tries to mend things with Indi. Alf comes to a decision about the Blaxland.


Heath is arrested following the drug raid. Ruby discovers Charlie’s secret. Roo is concerned Alf is avoiding her because of Sid.


Charlie and Brax deal with the fallout of their exposure. Casey struggles with the truth about Brax. Liam is put in a difficult situation.


Liam and Bianca confront their problems. Roo confronts Alf about her concerns. Xavier and Kelly’s relationship blossoms.


Roo battles with the reality of her relationship with Sid. Romeo has a new business idea. Xavier and Kelly come clean on their new relationship.

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