Tension builds between Romeo and Harvey. Gypsy struggles to bring Mark and Lily together. Liam feels betrayed by Bianca.


Bianca catches Gypsy and Liam together. Bianca is forced to admit her life is a train wreck. Casey is left without a defence team for his trial.


Casey puts himself in danger out of fear. Charlie and Bianca make a pact together. Leah and Miles are growing further apart.


Dex is worried about his lack of intimacy with April. Leah gives Miles an ultimatum.


Dex is worried about Sasha’s rebellious ways. Sid warns Roo about Harvey. Ruby and Casey reunite.


Dex gives Sasha 24 hours to stop seeing Stu. Casey goes to court. Miles comes to a decision about Leah and their future.


Charlie is jealous of Brax and Hayley. Leah is uncomfortable with Miles’ decision to stay. Heath makes good with the neighbours.


Charlie discovers Brax and Hayley hooked up. Gypsy’s attempt to patch things up with Mark go awry. Leah blames Miles for forcing her to go ahead with the pregnancy.


Gypsy leaves Summer Bay. April discovers a dangerous study aid. Roo agrees to coffee with Harvey.


Roo commits to be exclusive with Harvey. April starts self-medicating to help her study.


April is awarded Dux of the school. Sid takes the matter of the stolen prescription pad to the Police. Charlie is jealous of Brax’s lawyer, Hayley.


Charlie investigates an armed robbery and points the finger at Brax and the River Boys. April collapses at the school assembly. Sid gives Sasha an ultimatum about the stolen prescription pad.


Sid discovers April stole his prescription pad. Sasha feels like a stranger.


Indi gets an internship with Dennis. Harvey offers to buy the Blaxland.


Miles wonders whether he’s made the right move. Brax is linked to the armed robbery. Romeo gives Alf an ultimatum with the Blaxland – it’s him or Harvey.


Brax is in hot water over the armed robbery. The kids are having trouble with their HSC preparations. Leah struggles post break-up with Miles.


Charlie conspires with Brax to steal evidence. April unknowingly upsets Dex. Sasha goes out on a limb to surprise Stu.


Charlie struggles with her breach of ethics. Irene struggles to return to work. Stu lashes out at Sasha.


Brax is cleared of the robbery charges. Indi finally sees Harvey’s true colours. Sid declares his love for Roo.


Roo is torn between Harvey and Sid. VJ is not coping with Leah and Miles’ break-up. The town rally around Irene to show their support.

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