Xavier makes a decision to come home. Sasha doesn’t feel like she’s at home.


Casey gets himself into trouble at school and is expelled. Sasha meets up with Roo. Alf and Romeo decide to take the law into their own hands.


A severe storm is approaching Summer Bay. Leah learns of Irene’s diagnosis. John’s health is at risk. Sasha reunites with her brother Felix. Romeo battles with a career decision.


Harvey’s boat sinks in the storm. Alf and Romeo go on a rescue mission to search for Harvey’s charter. Romeo and Harvey find themselves in a life threatening situation.


The storm causes the school roof to collapse, trapping Bianca and Heath. Leah’s pregnancy is at risk.


Bianca makes a decision about her relationship and breaks up with Liam. Tegan is involved in a horrific car accident. Darcy goes missing.


Gypsy and Lily arrive in Summer Bay to support Irene. Charlie confides in Bianca about her affair with Brax. Charlie and Brax’s lives are threatened by Hammer.


As the bay is still recovering from the catastrophic storm, Brax is determined to seek revenge on Hammer. Charlie warns Ruby to stay away from the Braxtons. Irene has surgery. Bianca and Heath bond over caring for Darcy.


Irene discovers the real reason behind Gypsy’s return. Casey is concerned that Brax is planning a revenge attack. The shooter is arrested as a fire is ignited at Jake’s headquarters.


Summer Bay High is closed down. Brax discovers who is responsible for the fire at Jake’s. Gypsy and Bianca bond over drinks at Angelo’s.


The students organise a petition to save Summer Bay High. Sasha is hiding Felix at the school grounds. Sasha steals money from the Diner for her and Felix, only to discover he’s missing when she returns.


Harvey, Romeo and Alf form a business deal. Felix is found and Sid fights to keep the siblings together. Roo gives up on Sid and decides to go on a date with Harvey.


Gypsy feels vulnerable when she is stood up by Mark. Harvey pursues Roo. Panic arises when Charlie is kidnapped.


Charlie’s devastated when she is suspended from the force. Heath struggles in his new father role. Casey decides he wants to get his HSC. Roo succumbs to Harvey’s persistence.


April gets an idea to thwart the school’s demolition, Sasha reconsiders her attitude towards Sid. Romeo loses faith in the future of his business.


The Police close in on the arsonist, Sid and Harvey vie for Roo’s attention. Romeo struggles with his new business arrangement.


Gina saves the school. Lilly gravitates towards Liam. Leah worries her unborn baby might be in danger.


Gypsy persuades Liam to play a gig at Angelo’s. Irene struggles to cope with her chemotherapy.


Casey’s on the run. Leah shuts Miles out. Things between Gypsy and Liam heat up.


Casey turns himself in to the police. Sasha meets Stu and is not off to a good start when she wags her first day of school.

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