Elijah finally makes a decision about Grace. Indi and Romeo try to start afresh. Colleen is shocked by some news about Keith.


Grace makes a decision. The truth of who told immigration about Elijah and Grace is revealed.


Liam forgets his date with Bianca and ends up drunk. April makes Dex keep her secret. Elijah tries to move on with his life.


Marilyn invites Roo over for dinner. Romeo makes a shock decision. Indi tries to move on with her life.


Dex encourages April to get some help. Charlie tries to reconcile with Ruby. Romeo’s life spins more out of control.


Charlie gets invited to meet the Braxtons. Colleen goes on a date with Keith. Casey’s wary of Ruby’s grand plan.


Charlie makes an effort to impress the Braxtons, Ruby’s party gets out of hand. Xavier falls for a hot surfer chick.


Nicole unveils her radical Surf Club designs. Charlie is forced to make a difficult choice. Ruby suffers in the aftermath of the party.


Charlie denies her feelings for Brax. Marilyn makes a fool of herself. Nicole and Angelo become closer.


April’s anxiety is spiralling out of control. Sid admits his true feelings about Roo. Romeo gets more than he bargained for.


Xavier is busted. Leah confronts Elijah for avoiding her. Romeo hits a slump.


Gina starts investigating Xavier’s new girl. Sid and Roo are forced together. April’s anxiety comes to a breaking point.


Marilyn is on the warpath for the baby. April comes forward with the truth. Xavier is close to being exposed.


Romeo goes into business. Xavier gets caught up in a web of lies. Nicole realises what she truly wants.


Nicole breaks free. Marilyn gives way to Roo. Charlie is torn over Brax.


Charlie and Brax hide their love affair. Indi goes against Romeo’s advice. Elijah is back helping the helpless.


Leah find Elijah a bloody mess after being attacked. Roo fears for Nicole’s rights. Romeo takes a big risk with his new business venture.


Morag and Romeo are trapped with an attacker on the Blaxland. Colleen faces her fears. Nicole is falling for Angelo and later goes into labour.


With Angelo’s help, Nicole gives birth to a baby boy. Gina’s past comes back to haunt her. Indi has an unwanted admirer.


Indi’s admirer infiltrates the family. April begins her battle against OCD. After being dumped by the record company, Liam is tempted by old habits.