Liam tells Bianca to stay out of his life. Elijah attempts to talk to Billy. Is Miles falling for Leah?


Bianca finds out Liam’s secret. Ruby fixes Charlie up with a man. Angelo investigates the Braxton brothers.


Charlie goes on a date. Indi can’t shake her unwanted admirer. Angelo grows more suspicious of Brax.


Are Romeo and Indi on the road to reconciliation? With baby George causing chaos with the Walkers, Nicole goes to see her baby. Dex muses over a topic for his next blog.


Marilyn has a breakthrough with baby George. John goes viral. Sparks fly between Miles and Leah.


John is at war. Xavier aims to win back Miranda. Leah must choose between Elijah and Miles.


John causes a riot at the Surf Carnival. Sid and Roo resist their urges. Xavier attempts to win back the one that got away.


Ruby and Casey’s bond grows deeper. Nicole misses her baby. Angelo puts his life in Brax’s hands.


Bianca gives Liam career advice. Indi wants Romeo back. Angelo swears revenge.


Elijah learns of the kiss between Leah and Miles. Indi’s hopes for reconciliation are crushed. Liam starts to get the hang of teaching.


Marilyn fears Nicole will take George back. Nicole and Angelo fall into each others arms. Angelo finds out the truth behind the Braxtons.


Miles tells Elijah to let Leah free. Charlie discovers the Braxton’s illegal stash. Angelo goes missing.


Dex tries to admit his feelings for April. Miles and Leah go out on their first date. Charlie gets closer to the truth about Angelo’s disappearance.


Liam gives in to the pressure. Sid laughs at Marilyn’s suggestion of marriage. Dex longs for April.


Romeo’s problems go overboard. Ruby avoids Casey after Angelo’s disappearance. Colleen makes a shocking discovery.


Colleen and Keith plan a romantic night. Nicole is frantic when reports of Angelo’s death appear true. A grave has been found, but is it Angelo’s?


Nicole feels guilty for giving up her baby. Brax and Heath try to get rid of Brodie. Marilyn pushes ahead with her naming day ceremony despite Sid’s concern


Bianca turns her back on Liam. Sid threatens to break up the Walker family. The kids see what happened to Liam.


Romeo reaches out to Indi. Hitting bottom, Liam makes a big decision. VJ catches Miles and Leah.


Will Gina relive her wild days? Romeo and Indi try to have a special night. Sid catches Romeo with another woman.