Colleen opens up about Keith in the wake of his arrest. April tries to find Liam. Gina and Vanessa decide to go camping.


Gina and Vanessa come to the rescue of John and Xavier. Bianca goes to see Liam. Colleen makes a decision about her future.


Nicole finally makes a decision – she wants her baby back. Sid makes a decision about Indi and Romeo. Romeo reveals the truth to Indi. Roo’s ex-business partner turns up in the bay.


Laura & Roo are back in business. Sid & Roo try to keep their feelings at bay. Laura & Elijah hit it off. Ruby finds out Romeo has Chlamydia.


Charlie almost blows the lid on her romance with Brax. Heath makes a move on Bianca. Dex discovers he only has eyes for April.


Angelo blackmails Brax. Charlie calls things off with Brax. Heath and Bianca heat up – but is he too dangerous?


Elijah and Laura decide to go on a date. Sid and Roo grow closer as they organise the fund-raiser. After an unexpected visitor turns up, Nicole decides to leave Summer Bay with Angelo – and George.


Marilyn resorts to desperate measures to keep baby George. April and Dex discover they might be more than just friends. Roo is caught in the middle of the battle for baby George


Marilyn’s kidnap of baby George leaves Nicole and Sid feeling helpless. Roo and Laura head to Melbourne to pitch for B&S funding. Elijah and Laura grow close. Charlie and Brax look like they might just give in to the sexual tension.


Baby George is returned to Nicole and Angelo and they depart Summer Bay. Marilyn is an emotional wreck as she says goodbye to George. A burgeoning romance grows between Sid and Roo. Elijah and Laura seal their successful business pitch with a kiss.


Roo sticks her nose in Marilyn and Sid’s problems. Elijah and Laura are the centre of Colleen’s gossip mill. John misinterprets Gina’s meltdown.


Bianca shuts down Heath. Romeo is propositioned by the River Boys. Dex makes a new friend.


Romeo can’t catch a break. Casey is trying to prove he can be a River Boy. Is Morag thinking of leaving Summer Bay?


Romeo is arrested as he gets caught up in a River Boy drug bust. Does Charlie finally have some evidence to take down Heath on drug charges? Marilyn decides she wants to make contact with Nicole and Baby George.


Marilyn makes amends with Nicole, but will it cost her relationship with Sid? Elijah and Laura realise they have some big decisions to make. Kate realises Dex is trying to make April jealous by flaunting his relationship with her.


The teens go off on a camping trip to surf a dangerous break. Xavier gets into serious trouble when he’s knocked out during a storm. The storm continues to cause havoc when Colleen is struck down by lightning.


The gang’s camping trip goes horribly wrong when Xavier has to be rushed to hospital. Dex tries to reveal his true feelings to April. Colleen sees the error of her ways after her brush with death.


Indi storms out to move in with Romeo after a row with Sid. Later, Romeo asks Indi to accompany him to Hawaii. Heath shows Bianca his true colours. Sid meets up with Roo to drown his sorrows, how will Marilyn react?


Sid considers ending his relationship with Marilyn – will he go through with it? Roo, Romeo and Indi head off to Hawaii, and once there Romeo makes a proposal to Indi.


Will Sid stop Indi and Romeo’s wedding? Roo tries her best to make them change their decision. Meanwhile, Sid and Roo’s attraction comes to a head.

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