Bianca lies to Liam about the accident. Charlie and Brax try to work out their relationship. Miles and Leah head off on a road trip to find VJ.


Charlie gives Brax an ultimatum. Xavier and John try to sell the V8. Sasha decides to end things with Stu.


Stu holds Xavier’s V8 ransom. April and Dex get ready to take their relationship to the next level. Romeo’s surf school gets a spike in business as schoolies chicks roll into town.


April isn’t ready to forgive Dex. Indi impresses on the first day of her internship. Harvey blackmails John.


Romeo’s sister Mink returns to Summer Bay. April can’t trust Dex and tells him their relationship is over. Liam is released from hospital and moves back in with Bianca.


Mink asks Romeo for a loan. Sasha is grounded. Roo is upset when she sees Sid on a date.


Sasha falls ill from an infected tattoo. Leah hides from Miles. John is asked to step down from the Council.


Miles and Leah consider their future together. Roo gets a mystery date invite. John finds himself booted from the Council. Ruby feels that it’s over between her and Casey.


Leah and Miles turn to Elijah after their break-up. Brax makes the ultimate sacrifice for Charlie. Dex asks April to his formal.


April asks Xavier to the school formal. Bianca wants Liam to buy a family car, but he buys a motorbike instead. Marilyn tries to put a positive spin on a tarot card reading.


Dex is upset that April is going to the school formal with Xavier, Heath tries to help Brax sell Angelo’s. Liam discovers the truth about his accident.


Romeo believes Mink has a drinking problem. Alf decides to run against Harvey for Council. Criminal Geoffrey King has his eye set on Summer Bay.


Mink reveals to Romeo that she can never surf again. Alf realises that his campaign for Council needs a lot of work. Sasha is shocked when Stu becomes physically abusive.


Dex sees a different side to Dallas. Sid gets carried away and becomes too rough when he warns Stu to stay away from Sasha. Miles realises Elijah is still in love with Leah.


Heath won’t give up his bad boy ways. Romeo tries to earn some more money to hide from Indi that he lent Mink $2000. Sid and Roo have a romantic dinner.


Romeo reveals to Indi that he lent Mink money. Liam surprises Bianca when he asks her to marry him. Miles decides to leave Summer Bay and join Sally in Thailand.


Dex helps Dallas find a new place to live. Miles says goodbye to Summer Bay.


Casey is home from juvenile detention. Dex finds out about April’s plan for the formal. Sid witnesses Stu hitting Sasha and takes matters into his own hands.


Sid is arrested after taking justice into his own hands. Heath turns to April for comfort. Someone’s life is in danger as a familiar face returns to settle an old score.

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