Tegan forces Brax to hide Jake’s drugs. Marilyn predicts that rocky times are ahead for Sid and Roo’s relationship. Charlie reconsiders her relationship with Brax – will she end up with a broken heart?


Charlie and Brax finally come to a conclusion about their relationship. Heath is busted with Jake’s drugs. Sid and Roo’s romantic cruise goes awry.


Indi and Roo try to reconcile their differences. Sid and Roo’s relationship starts to look positive. Marilyn predicts her future lies with Elijah.


Bianca’s having trouble dealing with her rape. Liam tries in vain to get his life back on track. Kelly invites her brother Dean to come and stay in Summer Bay.


Bianca begins to open up to Liam and remembers a key clue to finding her attacker. Kelly’s brother Dean arrives to try and convince her to sign over her share of the farm.


Bianca comes face to face with her attacker. Kelly discovers Dean’s plan to sell her share of the farm. Alf hits on a plan to mend Marilyn and Roo’s fractured relationship.


Liam hunts down Bianca’s attacker and Bianca considers counselling. Marilyn and Roo reconcile. Romeo is devastated to find the boat vandalised, and is determined to find who’s responsible.


Whilst Roo bonds with the Walker clan, Dex invites his mum, Sids ex-wife, to stay at the farm. Romeo and Harvey face off. Leah anxiously awaits the result of a pregnancy test.


Dex tells his mum not to come to stay. Charlie warns Ruby to stay clear of the Braxton house. Jake’s out on bail and looking for Brax. Leah reveals her secret to Roo and Miles.


Leah makes a decision about a secret she’s been hiding. Brax ends up in hospital. Charlie discovers a secret about Brax.


Leah and Miles find it impossible to keep their news secret. Brax learns learns some life changing news. Sid and Roo’s romantic get-together is interrupted by a surprise visitor.


Sid struggles to deal with Jody’s presence. Miles makes a life-changing decision. Alf gets bad news from the Council.


Dex worries that his parents are looking to reconcile. Roo’s attempt to help Alf results in a surprise decision. Liam and Bianca’s relationship takes a turn for the worse.


Bianca admits that she needs help. Kelly struggles to find her place after Dean’s arrest. Casey discovers Brax is being lied to about Darcy.


Brax discovers the truth about Darcy. Kelly leaves Summer Bay. Miles and Leah take their relationship to the next level.


Heath gets out of gaol. Hammer’s gang are after revenge for selling out Jake. Gina struggles with Xavier’s departure. Charlie makes a decision about her relationship with Brax.


The Braxtons are set for a gang war. Xavier struggles with life on the farm. Charlie makes a confession about her relationship with Brax to Inspector Joyce.


Indi and Romeo are facing financial struggles. Gina makes a decision about Xavier. Sid receives some shocking news.


Indi and Romeo move back into the Farm House. Sid breaks the news about Sasha to the family. Bianca talks to a counsellor.


Liam seeks answers for why Bianca has ended their relationship. Roo reaches out to Sid. Marilyn’s bridal appointment ends in disaster.