Episode 5216

Australian Air Date: 24th January 2011
UK Air Date: 7th February 2011
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Bill Hughes

The funeral of a loved one brings the Summer bay community together. Alf is released from prison on bail. Liam and Bianca are living together in bliss.

Extended Summary


The Summer Bay community have gathered for a funeral, which has brought Morag back to the Bay. As Charlie steps forward to deliver a eulogy, we discover that Ross Buckton has died. At the wake, Ruby is concerned that the service has given her no sense of closure. Robertson arrives to pay his respects to Ross which Charlie is grateful for, but Morag is quick to send him on his way. Morag heads off to court to make another application for bail for Alf – the collected mourners are surprised to see her leaving but she maintains her loyalties right now are to the living. Colleen is grateful that Morag is looking out for Alf, and takes the opportunity to remind Irene that her loyalty to Will isn’t viewed well by herself or other members of the community. An argument breaks out which Charlie angrily interrupts – she doesn’t want the day spoiled. Ruby is angered that Charlie now suddenly wants the focus on Ross – she didn’t focus on him when he was alive, and won’t ever forgive Charlie for not letting her visit him.

When Morag returns from court to the wake, she too confronts Irene, who abruptly leaves as oppose to cause another scene. Charlie calls Morag out on her coldness – Morag reminds her that she’s been at Ross’ bedside for months and she grieved every day during his decline, so it’s none of Charlie’s business how she grieves now. Later Morag looks through some documents and stumbles across a picture of herself and Ross and can no longer hold her grief in, breaking down in tears. She goes to see Charlie and apologises for snapping at her – she explains that right now she can’t afford to break down and collapse in grief, Alf needs her. When the wake has cleared, Charlie talks to Angelo and he tells her she needs to let herself grieve as oppose to keeping herself busy. She gets up to leave but ends up in Angelo’s arms, crying. The pair end up kissing, but through a conversation between Liam and Bianca, we discover Charlie and Angelo have broken up over the last six weeks.

Alf is pleased to see Morag arrive at the court. She takes a seat next to Robertson and they exchange barbed comments. Alf is asked to submit a plea, and unsurprisingly he pleads not guilty. Morag makes her bail plea, with new circumstances – now that her husband is no longer with her, she is free to move into Alf’s house and take full responsibility for his actions. The judge is concerned that Alf poses a risk to Will, and retires to decide whether or not bail should be granted. Back at the courthouse later, Alf has been granted bail and Morag arrives to collect him. He really appreciates her getting her getting him out – but he won’t be resting until he’s got justice, if he has to ring Will’s neck to get it.

Indi comforts Ruby after her argument with Charlie, and thanks her for helping Romeo through his HSC as a means of distracting her from her grief. Ruby is pleased that Romeo is looking forward to spending his HSC re-sit year with her. Later, Romeo finds Ruby on the beach, bringing her a drink. He offers his company and though she initially declines, she ends up opening up to him about how much she misses Ross. On the beach later that night, Romeo helps Ruby light candles and send them into the sea – her own private way of trying to work through her grief. She is very glad of his company.

Robertson catches up with Leah at the Diner and asks why she hasn’t been returning his calls – she is clear that it’s nothing to do with Alf’s arrest, but right now they should just be friends. Robertson implores that he’s happy to wait, but Leah can’t confirm how long she’s going to need – but he maintains he’s a patient man.

Liam and Bianca have returned from visiting his son in Europe, and have set up home living in a shack by the riverbank – very much enjoying living the country life, free of the stresses that have bogged down their relationship in the past.

Guest Cast



  • This season begins six weeks after the conclusion of the end of the 2010 season.
  • Charlie Buckton’s full name is given as Charlotte.
  • Alf Stewart’s full name is given as Alfred Douglas Stewart.

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