Angelo Rosetta

Sergeant Angelo Leo Rosetta (2008-2011; 2020)
Luke Jacobz
Episodes: 46775322; 73897472

Parent: Carla Rosetta
Siblings: Paolo Rosetta plus 2 unnamed brothers and an unnamed sister
Spouse: Taylor Rosetta

Occupation: Police Constable/Sergeant; Restaurant Owner; Detective

Angelo was Jack’s replacement at the Police Station when he took time off to deal with Martha’s cancer diagnosis. We first saw him flirt with Charlie when he was assigned to a shift with her and promptly asked him out but Charlie turned him down. Then in The Diner he flirted with Belle, asking her out on a date. Belle initially refused but after Aden treated her badly she accepted and they went on a date to Noah’s but it quickly became clear that Belle’s heart wasn’t in it and when Aden apologised, she reunited with him.

With Charlie feeling abandoned by Roman, Angelo asked her out again and took her for a romantic beach picnic to show her how she should be treated but Charlie could not stop thinking of Roman so Angelo abandoned the date to give her advice. Charlie followed his instructions and she and Roman reunited, leaving Angelo to remark to Belle that he was excellent at driving girls back into the arms of their exes.

When Belle was being held hostage by Aden she called the police and Angelo was the one to rescue her. He took her home where she broke down in his arms and a tentative friendship was formed. She started up a book club and Angelo was the only one to attend and he persisted with asking her out until Belle eventually relented and agreed to go out with him. They shared a kiss in the kitchen at Irene’s but were seen by a devastated Aden. With him angrily turning Belle away, she returned to Angelo and finally became intimate with him.

With things heating up at the development site, Angelo was forced to arrest Belle after she protested at the site but he later got Charlie to drop the charges. He also investigated Murray for Belle but she nearly landed him i it with Charlie who informed him that she would be watching him from now on.

Belle received threats from the Developers saying they’d harm her boyfriend and Belle thought they meant Aden and secretly got back together with him, only for Angelo to turn up having been attacked. His attacker was revealed to be a kid he had arrested but a guilty Belle failed to tell him she was back with Aden.

With Belle in hospital after her car was forced off the road Angelo became suspicious of Aden hanging around and found Belle listening to his ipod. He later saw them hugging from his car ad when her camera went missing he suggested the police should stake out Irene’s but Belle refused. She later let Aden stay over and Angelo saw them. The next day Belle finally broke up with Angelo and he confronted her about Aden but she lied that it was a one off.

At the town meeting Aden challenges Angelo and the police for being useless causing Angelo to retaliate that he wasn’t so useless he couldn’t trace the fact that Aden and Belle were having an affair. He stormed out, leaving Belle humiliated. Turning to the bottle he gave Aden a hard time at his community service and after Belle had a go at him for it he threatened her again in public.

When Belle reported him to the police for harassment he was furious and went round to her house threatening her and losing his temper, angrily smashing the house up. Belle was later attacked and left for dead and suspicion fell on Angelo. He had a drunken one night stand with a depressed Charlie but she refused to talk about it the next day, passing it off as a mistake. With the whole town turning on him and nobody willing to talk to him Angelo turned to developer Tim Coleman for help. In exchange for clearing his name Angelo switched the soil samples to get the investigation against the developers dropped.

True to his word Nobby was arrested and admitted to stealing from Belle and attacking her, letting Angelo off the hook. Angelo used his cousin to pay Nobby’s bail and tried to use him as bait to trap Tim by fitting him up with a wire. He was interrupted by Belle, wanting to clear the air with him and missed Tim realising that Nobby was wearing a wire. The line went dead and Angelo later received a phone call threatening him to back off and explaining that Nobby was dead.

Jack found out that Angelo had posted the bail money and began to suspect him so Angelo came clean to Charlie about his suspected sting operation. Having been shaken by Tim’s threats Angelo made plans to leave town but was waylaid by Belle, wanting to talk. As they talked a rock was thrown though his window and Angelo made Belle hide out in the bedroom. As a gunman burst in he and Angelo struggled and Angelo raced to the bedroom to try and get Belle out.

A shaken Belle refused to leave though and as the gunman burst in Angelo protected Belle with his own body but Jack arrived in time to stop the gunman doing any damage. Grilled by Fitzy and Jack at the station, Charlie saved him by finding evidence to link Tim to the shooter, meaning the development investigation was back on. Charlie that night offered him a bed to stay in, hers and the two began sleeping together.

Jack though remained suspicious about the soil samples and warned Angelo that he was watching him. Shaken Angelo called Tim Coleman to arrange a meeting but a suspicious Jack followed and as Angelo waited two shots rang out. Hearing rustling behind him, Angelo discharged his own gun and went to see who was there only to find Jack, lying lifeless on the ground with a bullet wound to the heart.

In the aftermath of the shooting Angelo tried to cover his tracks, turning up late at the formal fire and looking increasingly distracted. He saved Martha from the fire and was hailed a hero but his guilt at Jack’s death continued to haunt him and Charlie began to get suspicious. Sending a text from Tim Coleman’s phone she was devastated to realise that her suspicions were correct and began compiling evidence against Angelo.

Angelo meanwhile was called on to comfort Martha and broke down in her arms, leaving her grateful to him. She asked him to do a reading at Jack’s funeral but he refused. Meanwhile the net was closing in for Angelo and he was blackmailed by who he thought was Tim but it was actually Charlie setting him up. He was called by Tony to talk to Martha on the morning of Jack’s funeral and asked to read the police bendictory but what he didn’t know was that Martha was onto him.

After the failed sting in the aftermath of the funeral he returned to the wake leaving a disgusted Martha unable to cope. Pushed by Tony she broke down and revealed that Angelo had killed Jack. Confronted by a furious Tony, in full view of everyone Angelo admitted to killing Jack and was arrested.

In prison he awaited the results of ballistics and helped the police with his inquiries. When the report came back that it was his bullet that had killed Jack he was taken away to jail in the city with the parting words from Charlie that she had really wanted it not to be him. We later heard off screen that the charges against him were dropped.

When a severed hand was washed up on the beach, marine patrol was called and Charlie was horrified to see Angelo turn up to lead the investigation. She and her colleagues made their feelings clear to him but nothing Charlie did could force the Police Commissioner to move him on.

Angelo’s appointment back in Summer Bay is met with hostility and anger from Charlie and the other police officers. Although Angelo assures Charlie he in no way asked to be sent here, and that once the case is dealt with, he’ll be gone, it’s of little comfort, as she and the others struggle to be professional with Jack’s killer working alongside. Later, Angelo takes it upon himself to tell Tony personally of his return to the Bay and ,not surprisingly, Tony is rocked to the core. Fuming, Tony tells Angelo nobody’s interested in his explanations or his apologies and he better not even think of going anywhere near Martha or he’ll have Tony to answer to. Aware of the devastating impact the news is likely to have on Martha, Tony has turned up to tell her himself. And as he expected, she is gutted. Just as Martha was starting to get on with her life, put it all behind her, Angelo walks back in like nothing happened. Tony assures her Angelo wouldn’t be stupid enough to approach her, but Martha is far from convinced.

Back at the station, Charlie’s attempts to have Angelo transferred elsewhere are met with a brick wall, which only increases the tension. And when Angelo receives a handwritten note that says “cop killer”, he is shocked at the lengths to which his fellow officers are going to in order to make him feel unwelcome. Watson in particular is extremely hostile. Angelo retreats to the Surf Club, where Charlie finds him being blasted by Alf. She intervenes on Angelo’s behalf, but makes it clear to him she is protecting a fellow police officer as oppose to a fellow human being – and she suggests Angelo keeps out everyone’s way. Angelo heads off, and as Charlie shares a look with Alf, it’s clear that life is going to be hard for all of them while Angelo remains in town. Later, Angelo attempts to visit Martha but discovers she is not at home.

Angelo eventually tracked down Martha and apologised to her but she replied that he was a disgrace to his uniform and only apologising to make himself feel better. His attempts to investigate the shark sighting were stonewalled and someone began slashing his tyres. When Tony offered him a lift, the two seemed to strike up a surprising friendship and when Martha criticised him for spending time with Tony, Angelo finally snapped and told her he was tired of being her whipping boy. Tony invited Angelo on a fishing trip but, after taking him to Jack’s grave, attacked him and caused him to slip off the cliff edge, but stopped him from falling to his death. Angelo refused to press charges and Martha later visited him to say that although she didn’t forgive him she wanted to stop hating him.

Angelo earned a few fans by helping clear Irene’s name on a murder charge, obsessively examining the boat where the murder had been committed until he found evidence someone else had been present, backing up Irene’s story. He investigated her claims that Donna De Bono had paid a prison officer to feed her alcohol in prison. He was less forgiving when he found out Xavier was behind the tyreslashing and had him charged with criminal damage, although when Xavier missed a court appearance because Hugo was in hospital he ended up speaking up for him. He struck up a relationship with supply teacher May Stone, who was initially unaware of his past, but had stronger feelings for Charlie and they ended up spending the night together, after he had lied about working in order to cut short a date with May. When Charlie rejected him the next day and he saw her on a platonic lunch date with Hugo, he let May move in with him but then split up with her and he and Charlie decided to give their relationship another chance.

After giving Irene some “hypothetical” advice about tax evasion, Angelo was called out to investigate illegal abalone fishing and, after speaking to Alf about the practicalities, placed Hugo at the top of his list of suspects when he found he had a knife similar to the one used in the crimes. He was slightly annoyed when, despite seeing his point, Charlie talked to Hugo about his suspicions and arranged to tail him. He then went to the hospital to speak to an Indonesian man, Wayan, but his attempts to enlist Hugo as a translator didn’t help matters and Wayan disappeared before Angelo could return. He arranged a warrant to raid Hugo’s boat only to find that he was actually using it for a secret meeting with Martha. He continued to suspect Hugo was behind the abalone poaching and kept a watch on him. Ironically, he only suspected the real culprit, Gibbsey, when he saw him talking to Hugo. Hugo made an anonymous call to Angelo letting him know where Gibbsey and the abalone would be but when Angelo spotted Wayan nearby, he ended up chasing him instead. Having failed to follow up either lead, he inspected the trawler log book and realised Gibbsey had been making several unofficial trips. He found abalone in Hugo’s boat shed but Hugo managed to show him evidence that he had given him the tip-off. He arranged a warrant to search the trawler and told Hugo that if he found Aden with Gibbsey and the others he would have no choice but to arrest him. In the end, he didn’t see Aden or Hugo on the scene and settled for dragging them to the station to wind them up. He called Gibbsey back in from remand to interrogate him about Hugo and set him up with a wire tap but failed to get any useful information. When he later found Hugo talking with Charlie at the house, his frustrations began to boil over.

Angelo took Charlie out for a picnic but it was cut short when she was run over by Brett Collins. He was shocked to find out about her relationship with Joey and told Charlie that if she couldn’t be honest with him they should finish. Charlie confided in Angelo that she had been raped as a teenager and Ruby was her daughter. When Ruby began asking questions about Charlie’s baby, not realising it was her, Angelo advised Charlie to tell her the truth. He accidentally told Ruby about the rape when he found out she knew Charlie was her mother and tried to support the family even though Morag in particular didn’t want him around. When Grant turned up in town, Angelo told him to stay away from Charlie and Ruby but also advised Charlie to end her vendetta against him, thinking that maybe he had changed. He was shocked when Charlie told him about her illegally taking Grant prisoner but tried to find another way to get him sent to jail. He gave him a ticket for minor vehicle offences outside the Diner and threatened him only for Grant to turn up at the station and make a complaint shortly before he ended up dead. Detective Robertson tried to suspend Angelo during the investigation but was denied permission by Angelo’s superiors. After following Angelo, he showed Charlie some photos of him talking with some women outside a strip club. Angelo tried to explain it was part of an investigation but she refused to believe him and broke up with him. Angelo was angry with Robert for his interference and returned the favour by following him around during his investigation but, after Angelo and Charlie were both cleared by Ross’ confession, Robert wished him luck.

Angelo eventually admitted to Charlie he had actually been sent to Summer Bay to investigate an international people smuggling operation and that he thought Hugo was involved and that Lou’s murder was connected. When he found Hugo had lost his dive torch around the time someone had dropped a torch whilst talking to Wayan, he tried to quiz him about it only for Hugo to claim he had found it. Later, while looking for Hugo’s boat which had been cut loose, he and Hugo discovered a sunken boat containing the bodies of twelve illegal immigrants, one of whom was the owner of the severed hand. He briefly caught Wayan but he later escaped. When an Indonesian boy, Bambang, was found hiding in an abandoned house, Angelo realised he was Wayan’s son and recommended that Martha and Hugo be allowed to foster him so they could keep him under surveillance. When evidence from the sunken ship tied it to a log book found in Hugo’s boat shed, he went to question him and in the process met his Indonesian wife, Suzy Sudiro, and suspected she was also involved in the operation. He was shocked to hear that Bambang had been dropped off with Martha and after a tense search he and Charlie arrived at the wharf just in time to arrest Derrick Quaid, a key figure in the operation, as he tried to kidnap Bambang but found no evidence to tie him to Hugo or anyone else.

When Donna was released from jail, Angelo took the opportunity to reinvestigate Lou’s murder and also had Hugo placed under surveillance because of the potential danger to Bambang. When someone was spotted hanging around Donna’s house after she found out her gardener had seen someone planting the murder weapon to frame her, Angelo suspected Hugo. He confronted him at the surf club and, seeming frustrated, ending up punching him. He was apparently suspended pending an internal investigation but then posted a sample of Hugo’s DNA which he had obtained from the punch to his boss. Getting desperate, a sting operation was arranged where Angelo’s partner, Bryant, freed Derrick so Angelo could follow him. Angelo was hoping he would lead him to Hugo but instead he led him to Suzy and a captive Martha.

He stowed away in Derrick’s car when he drove off with a captive Martha and came to her rescue when it looked like Derrick was going to harm her. He suffered a minor bullet wound protecting her and together they managed to recapture Derrick, after which he finally arrested Hugo when he came to see Martha at the hospital, after Martha had told Angelo that she forgave him for Jack’s death. He then offered Hugo a deal: in return for information on the people smuggling operation he would arrange to have his death faked and him placed in witness protection. He also agreed to let Hugo tell Alf what was going to happen and leave a message for Xavier and to watch his own “funeral” from a distance. It was possibly guilt over the burden he’d placed on Alf that caused him to try and reassure him when he was in his lethargy after the race riot.

Angelo was worried that, with the people smuggling in the Bay ended, he would be posted somewhere else. Instead he was not only posted to the Yabbie Creek police station but made station sergeant. After he and Charlie got over the tension that his being her boss had caused and he’d assured her he’d rather have their relationship than the promotion, he invited her to move in with him but soon realised she was stalling when she rejected every suggestion he made and she admitted she thought it was a big step. He then suggested they buy a place together, an idea that literally sent her into a panic attack before admitting she didn’t want things to change. When Ruby told him of her habit of sabotaging relationships, he accused her of being a commitment phobe… which prompted her to agree and break up with him.

He tried to remain on friendly terms with her and confided in Romeo that he didn’t know how to move things forward, before surprising Charlie at her home and kissing her. He agreed they should go back to being friends and work their way from there but was bothered when he saw her and Michael exchange a few words in the Diner, even though she claimed not to know him. He told Alf he thought Charlie had a new boyfriend and followed her to Michael’s house. He approached Michael, using his middle name Leo, and pretended to befriend him by claiming to recognise him from the bait shop, suggesting they go on a fishing trip. He tried to enlist Miles’ help in finding what Charlie was doing then followed her to Michael’s place again and climbed a tree to spy on them, only to fall out when he thought better off it and tried to climb down. He was left embarrassed when Charlie revealed Michael was her counsellor and received some teasing from Alf and Miles, as well as a stern warning from a disgusted Michael who told him he had interfered with Charlie’s recovery and he wasn’t allowed to talk to him. Afterwards he apologised to Charlie and told her he’d give her any help she wanted.

Alf asked Angelo if they could tell Martha about Hugo’s survival to help her with her grief but he insisted they couldn’t. He gave Elijah advice about being honest with Leah and, like Charlie, instantly recognised Aden and Justin were lying about Larry’s disappearance. Realising that Aden knew about Larry’s death, he tried to persuade him to confess, reminding him of the trouble he’d got into through trying to cover something up. Angelo was bothered when Xavier started questioning him about the possibility of Hugo being alive and asked Alf if he had said anything to anyone. Alf tried to get him to tell Martha that Hugo was still alive but he insisted it would place her in danger so instead visited her with wine and pizza to cheer her up. Soon after, he received the news that Hugo had gone missing from witness protection. He followed Xavier and Ruby to the army battery and staked the place out overnight, seeing a person he believed was Hugo but failing to catch him.

He continued to speak to Alf about the situation with Hugo and they were twice spotted by Martha, with him having to claim they thought Hugo had left some money in the Bay. He then admitted to Charlie what was going on with Hugo. When he found out Martha knew Hugo was alive, he went to check on her and found her in a depressed state. He managed to persuade her he had done what he thought was best but soon the word was all around town, resulting in him getting into an argument with Xavier and Ruby and being slapped with Gina. He then received news that a warrant was being issued for Hugo’s arrest, for breaking his witness protection rules. He began to suspect that Martha, Gina and the rest of the family knew where Hugo was, placing surveillance on their homes and making a fruitless search of the farm.

When he and Charlie shared a kiss, he received some confusing advice from Nicole and Marilyn before they both asked each other out on a date but Angelo was still worried about the farm, having had a conversation with an evasive Alf, and they ended up going to check it out, where they saw a mysterious vehicle leaving the property. It wasn’t enough to stop them sleeping together and, after he’d gone to the surf club to get more advice from Marilyn, the next morning Charlie stated she wanted a relationship. He was alerted by Rachel to the fact that Xavier, Martha and Gina had been kidnapped and was frustrated when despite capturing ‘Killer’ he was unable to prove Hugo was in the area. Then Detective Eaves turned up and killed ‘Killer’, just as Martha sent a message saying Hugo had told her he was corrupt. Angelo sent Charlie to the farm and, trying not to arouse suspicion, ended up taking Eaves there. The decision resulted in him nearly being shot by Eaves and having to be saved by Charlie and Hugo, who was injured in the process. After getting Hugo to safety, he and Charlie tried to tackle Eaves again and managed to capture him with help from Tony. Angelo then placed Martha and Hugo under arrest, only to let them go and claim they had overpowered him and escaped, since he knew Hugo would be killed if he went to jail.

Angelo faced a grilling from internal affairs when his version of events failed to match the physical evidence and ended up being suspended. When he realised Charlie’s loyalty to him was making her look guilty, he went back to the station and confessed. He told Charlie that he loved her and was delighted when she reciprocated. The feeling didn’t last long as he was charged with corruption and aiding and abetting a fugutive. He realised he wouldn’t escape punishment and was told that his only chance of avoiding jail was to resign. He agreed, then proceeded to get drunk, burn his uniform on the beach and spend the night in the cells.

Angelo took a job working for Alf at the bait shop but a conversation with Marilyn and some advice from Charlie led to him deciding to open up an Italian restaurant in the refurbished surf club. The construction work hit difficults and he failed to persuade Alf to give him an extinction and was upset when Charlie suggested he was in over his head. He was forced to admit she was right, though, and told Alf he would have to break the contract and incur a fine but an influx of cash from Penn Graham and some help from the locals saw it finished on time. He was pleased by Charlie’s suggestion of having a trial run and invited Miles, Leah, Tony, Rachel and Daniel along, with the evening going well despite Leah being tired and Tony and Rachel arguing, and the launch of the restaurant also turned out to be a success. However, his inability to delegate left him tired all the time and, when he was supposed to be spending his day off with Charlie, he ended up rushing back to the restaurant to sort out some problems. When the press turned up to cover Nicole’s needle stick injury, Angelo took the opportunity to publicise the restaurant.

He admitted to Charlie that he had been due to inherit the family restaurant but his brother Paulie had set fire to the kitchen and Angelo, who was supposed to be in charge, took the blame, resulting in Paulie inheriting it instead. When Indigo was caught selling alcohol to Ruby, Angelo was given a police caution as her employer but wasn’t happy about Indigo being fined and decided to fight the charge in court. Charlie and Alf convinced him otherwise and instead he fired Indigo and hired Alf as bar manager. Then Paulie turned up and revealed he was on the run from loan sharks, having borrowed $30,000 and used their parents’ restaurant as collateral, and needed Angelo’s help to bail him out. Angelo was reluctant to get Charlie involved but eventually told her everything and tried to get a loan against the restaurant. Charlie convinced him Paulie needed to get himself out of his own mess so he cancelled the loan and threw Paulie out of Charlie’s house when he had a go at her. He refused to let Charlie use the money from the people smuggling operation to bail Paulie out but was shocked when Paulie got in touch with his debtors and they told him they would burn down their parents’ restaurant if he didn’t pay up in two weeks. He went along with Paulie’s idea to win enough money to pay off his debts at the races but put an end to the gambling when Paulie lost all their winnings. He eventually decided to let their parents know so they could help Paulie out, and also tell them the truth about the fire. Although initially angry, Paulie eventually thanked him for it and he even drove him back to Melbourne.

On his way to town, he gave a lift to Shandi Ayres, whose vehicle had broken down, and she unsubtly propositioned him. He turned her down but felt guilty that he’d been tempted and told Charlie. After he admitted he’d never felt she was committed to their relationship, they moved in together. He gave Ruby a driving lesson but she ended up running over Penn, who accused Angelo of trying to kill him so he wouldn’t have to pay back the loan. The encounter was enough to have him meet with Alf and Sid to discuss getting Penn out of town but soon after, when Penn disappeared, he was questioned by Robertson. He met up with Roo while fishing and they caught a fish together, which helped reawaken some of her happy memories of the Bay.

When Romeo and Indigo approached him about using the restaurant for their informal formal, he was reluctant but agreed so long as they proved a bond and adult chaperones. He was uncertain what role Charlie wanted him to take with Ruby and, after they argued about Ruby staying out all night, she told him she wanted him in a parental role. Ruby asked him to talk to Charlie about her being ground and unable to attend the formal but when he questioned Charlie about it, she told him to stay out of it. When Ruby turned up at the formal, he advised her to leave but didn’t force the issue. He tried to stop Charlie seeing her, then, when things got physical between the pair, stepped in and told Ruby to go home. Charlie criticised him for not telling her Ruby was there but he managed to alert her to Ruby’s plans to leave town. Angelo told her he didn’t seem to be able to do right in her eyes and kept away when mother and daughter were reunited. He helped Xavier get the car he and John had been doing up to John and Gina’s wedding reception to act as their wedding car.

Six weeks later, Angelo and Charlie had split up and he was living alone, although that didn’t stop them sleeping together when he comforted her after her father’s funeral. Afterwards, he took responsibility for the break-up with Ruby. He helped Charlie with her investigation into Penn’s murder by providing her with Shandi’s address and, when it turned out the Shandi he had met was an imposter named Daria Hennessey, joined Charlie in tracking her down to a caravan park.

He supported John’s changes to the surf club over Alf since they were bringing more business to the restaurant. He organised a singles’ night to try and improve matters but when the River Boys arrived and started getting drunk and rowdy he tried to throw them out, sparking off a brawl. Left with a lot of damages as a result, he was intrigued when Darryl Braxton took an interest in the business and tried to convince Miles, who had been injured during the brawl, not to make a statement against the Braxtons. He thought the River Boys were responsible for smashing a window at the restaurant but when they were cleared he accepted Brax’s offer of cheap alcohol. When Brax suggested he convert the restaurant to selling gourmet pizzas, Angelo accepted an injection of cash from him to cover the refurbishment and made him his partner, defending him when John thought the River Boys were responsible for the presence of drugs at the club. When Brax showed an interest in Charlie, however, he discouraged it and when he overheard Brax arranging a deal with another River Boy, Brodie Upton, he informed Charlie. However, the deal was actually a set-up by Brax to test Angelo and he warned him he’d used up his only chance. He also worried when Brax asked him to set up tabs for some of the River Boys and a large sum of money appeared in the till. He worried that Brax seemed to be taking over the business and using it for money laundering and set up a repayment plan to get him out of the business. He was annoyed when Brax changed their supplier without telling him.

He gained new housemates in Roo, who he instantly made a pass at only to get turned down, and Liam. He became close to Nicole after he modelled an outfit for her new surf club designs. She confessed to him she wanted to keep her baby and, when she felt smothered by Marilyn’s attention, he persuaded Romeo to take them out for a trip on the Blaxland where he told her he thought she could be a good mother. He contacted his mother for advice on how to bring on Nicole’s labour and a long walk resulted in her waters breaking on the beach. He delivered the baby with phone help from Sid and felt uncomfortable watching Nicole hand the baby over.

Suspicious of Brax and his friends, Angelo followed them to the national park, where they were supposedly hunting pigs, only to be attacked by a dog and made it clear to Brax he was onto him, also informing Charlie of his suspicions. He then accompanied them on a pig hunt, only to be shot at and implicitly threatened. He was then sent a dead pig’s face with a note saying it stuck its snout in where it wasn’t wanted. He became closer to Nicole and they slept together. He followed Heath to the park and found a marijuana crop but was knocked out by Heath before he could call the police station and spent two weeks in a coma. He claimed not to remember anything, since he didn’t believe a witness statement could stand up in court, and began investigating Brax privately to get more proof. He helped calm the situation when Brodie Upton escaped from custody and briefly took Nicole hostage, getting a minor scratch to his arm from a scalpel in the process. Using a secret recording of the restaurant, he learned that Brax had ordered an assault on Pee Wee and was secretly seeing Charlie and confronted Charlie about it. He then punched Brax and blackmailed him into buying his share and left town with Nicole and George. When Nicole met up with Marilyn, Angelo brought George to see them.