Carla Rosetta

Cris Parker

Carla Rosetta (2011)
Cris Parker
Episode: 5302

Children: Angelo & Paolo Rosetta, plus two unnamed sons and an unnamed daughter

Occupation: Restaurant Owner

Angelo’s mother was seen when Roo and Nicole visited him at a hospital in the city, where he was still unconscious after being knocked out on discovering the River Boys’ drug crop. Carla invited the two women into the room, having spoken to Roo on the phone and heard a lot about Nicole from Angelo.

She told them she had always worried about Angelo when he was a police officer and had been given the basic facts of the case by Charlie. She also noted that Angelo had told her about delivering Nicole’s baby and how strong Nicole was, although she was unaware George was being looked after by Marilyn. Angelo went on to recover consciousness the following week but Carla was not seen at that point.

It had previously been established that Carla and her husband came from an Italian restaurant background. When Angelo put forward his idea to open such an establishment in the Surf Club’s first-floor extension, it was explained that his parents had owned a successful trattoria where Angelo used to help out at evenings and weekends.

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