Home and Away teases romance for Bree with newcomer Nelson

Home and Away has hinted that Bree is ready to move on from Remi next week, as she sets her sights on new arrival Nelson Giles.

Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Remi (Adam Rowland) split after Remi refused to give up his motorbike following the crash which nearly cost him his life.

Justin (James Stewart) had spent weeks repairing the bike following Remi’s crash, and Remi was delighted with the surprise gift, until Bree gave him an ultimatum – it’s me or the bike!

While Remi initially committed to giving up his beloved bike (technically Mercedes’ beloved bike), Bree soon stumbled upon him Remi attempting to get back on it, and he confessed that he never actually had any plans to get rid of it.

Since their breakup, the pair have done their best to stay out of each other’s orbit, but in a town as small as Summer Bay, that has proven easier said than done.

When Bree turned up at the latest Salt fundraiser to find Remi and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) performing on stage a few weeks back, she began to drown her sorrows.

As the drinks flowed, she began flirting with fellow doctor Levi (Tristan Gorey), simultaneously upsetting Remi, who was forced to watch the whole thing from the stage, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who was secretly having an affair with Levi and couldn’t interrupt without arousing suspicions.

Remi, meanwhile, has moved on with newcomer Stevie Marlow (Catherine Văn-Davies), the famous horror actress who Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has spent weeks trying to protect from a deranged fan.

Bree learnt of their tryst when she saw a picture that Stevie had posted on her social media of the pair in bed together, and has since been struggling with the fact that her ex-boyfriend has moved on so fast, and worse still, with a famous actress!

Next week, as Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Bree stretch before a surf, they spot Stevie and Remi flaunting their new romance by kissing on the beach, and it’s too much for Bree to bear.


Later, Bree and Remi meet for a cordial catch-up at Salt, and Bree can’t help but ask her ex-boyfriend what’s going on.

“So how’s Stevie?” she asks, as casually as she can.

Remi reels in awkward surprise, with no idea that Bree knew about his new fling.

When Bree catches up with Kirby again later on, she explains that by confronting Remi, she “wasn’t trying to make it a big deal” out of it, but rather reassure Remi “that it’s not a problem.”

“I think the fact that we’re having this conversation tells me that what you’re saying isn’t true,” Kirby retorts.

In another later catchup in the Summer Bay parkland, Kirby suggests that rather than wallow, perhaps it’s time for Bree to let her hair down:

“You’re gonna have to find a way to get over Remi. It is time to explore new things and try new experiences, and just have some fun.”

Taking Kirby’s advice on board, it’s not long before Bree finds someone to have some fun with.

As the apparent new best friends head back from another surf, they spot new arrival Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu) standing on the beach, looking out to sea.

Bree is immediately attracted to him, as she awkwardly drops her gaze and continues walking.

Up until now, we’ve only briefly met Nelson, who is the director of Stevie’s (Catherine Van-Davies) new film ‘All Our Tomorrows’.

He was at the recent press event to announce the new romcom, but is set to make his debut in Summer Bay next week, as he follows his new lead actress to her temporary new home.

It appears that ‘All Our Tomorrows’ will be filmed in Summer Bay, so Nelson will be spending much more time in the beachside town over the next few months, giving Bree the perfect opportunity to move on from Remi.

Yet with Remi dating the star of the hot new film, and Bree dating its director, we’re sure things won’t be easy for anybody.

News of a new romance for Bree first broke last November, when fans caught sight of Juliet Godwin kissing the then-unknown new character during filming at Palm Beach.

With thanks to Danielle Stevens

Perth-born actor Mahesh Jadu previously played recurring character Dr Doug Harris in Neighbours between 2010 and 2011, and Ahmad in the Netflix series Marco Polo.

With thanks to Danielle Stevens

Sadly for Bree, it doesn’t seem that Nelson will be her one true love, as Mahesh Jadu isn’t believed to have joined the permanent cast.

Similarly, Remi won’t get his happily ever after either, with filming at Palm Beach revealing that Stevie is set for a dramatic departure.

Stevie’s tormentor is currently behind bars awaiting trial, but it looks like he either gets released, escapes, or gets someone to do his dirty work for him, as Stevie is shot.

Footage posted on social media last year showed what appeared to be a film set within a film set, as Nelson’s crew descends upon Summer Bay to film All Our Tomorrows.

Ingrid Rose Foster / Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

Things take a dark turn, with footage taken by fan Ingrid Rose Foster showing Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) running towards Catherine Văn-Davies (Stevie), before the actors and extras react to the sound of a gun going off.

Stevie then collapses in Cash’s arms before writhing on the ground, as the beachgoers react in shock.

Video footage shows Nicholas Cartwright scream out, “She’s been shot, somebody call an ambulance,” as the beachgoers flee in search of help.

Ingrid Rose Foster / Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

Photos from a later date then emerged showing the filming of a wake, with a cardboard sign with ‘RIP Stevie’ written on it, appearing to confirm that the new character dies within months of arriving in Summer Bay.

Stevie’s wake is attended by at least Roo (Georgie Parker), Alf (Ray Meagher), John (Shane Withington) and Justin, suggesting that the actress will make a good impression on the residents of Summer Bay in her short time in the town.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 29th April (Episode 8249)

Theo makes a sacrifice. Is Bree ready to move on? Roo follows her new calling.

Tuesday 20th April (Episode 8250)

Cash is ambushed by a determined Stevie. Bree tries to bury her past. Roo rallies for support in foster caring.

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 8251)

Bree considers moving on. Stevie’s romcom hits Summer Bay. Remi inadvertently crashes Bree’s date.

Thursday 2nd May (Episode 8252)

Stevie crosses a boundary. Remi and Bree have a heart to heart. Eden plays third wheel in her own relationship.