Home and Away promo sees Felicity move on from Tane

A new Home and Away promo has revealed that Felicity is finally ready to move on from Tane – but her choice of man is a little too close to home.

Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) split last year, when Tane discovered that Flick was still taking her birth control pills, despite agreeing to try for a baby.

Felicity had always made it clear that she never wanted children, but considering she changed her mind on marriage, Tane hoped that she would one day change her mind about starting a family too.

When Tane broached the topic last September, having returned from a trip to New Zealand where he was surrounded by multiple generations of his kiwi family, Felicity quickly shot him down.

“I’m never gonna change my mind about having a baby,” she revealed, but after seeing how much her decision was hurting her husband, she eventually gave in and agreed to try for a baby.

Yet she continued taking the pill in secret. When she was discovered by Mackenzie (Emily Weir), Felicity assured her that it was only a temporary move while she readied herself for motherhood, but Tane soon discovered her secret and ended their marriage there and then.

Tane quickly rebounded as he hit the clubs and brought back various random women to his new shared home with Mackenzie and Mali (Kyle Shilling), but Felicity hasn’t found the courage to move on – until now.

With Tane facing charges for abducting baby Poppy (or Maia, as he named her after finding her abandoned on the beach), Felicity has done her best to support her estranged husband, telling him that she’ll always stand by him despite their split.

Yet her next move probably won’t make Tane too happy.

The new promo begins with Tane angrily ripping into Felicity in next week’s episode, telling her, “I don’t need help from you. We’re not together any more, we’re nothing.”

So, when Felicity serves a handsome customer named Marshall (Nic English), who’s working away on a laptop at Salt and tells her to grab herself a drink on him, she’s intrigued.

The next shot sees Flick and the mysterious newcomer passionately kissing in the doorway of Flick and Tane’s former home together, before Flick beckons him towards the bedroom.

The next we see of the pair is shortly after their bedroom fun, as Marshall kisses Flick’s hand and tells her, “It’s been a pleasure.”

Sadly for Felicity, it isn’t long before she bumps into her one-night stand again, and this time he’s got company.

“Why is your one night stand with Tane?” asks Eden, with a hint of amusement in her voice, as they walk into Salt to see Tane and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) sitting in a heated meeting with the newcomer.

“I don’t know,” says Flick, breathlessly, as a look of horror crosses her face.

“Who’s your friend?” asks Eden when Tane pops to the bar, prompting the answer that Felicity was dreading…

“That’s my lawyer.”

“What is the universe doing to me?” asks Flick as she and Eden debrief around the corner, hopefully out of earshot of Tane and lawyer Marshall.

“Why is the first person I choose to move on with, Tane’s lawyer?”

The promo then shows the lusty pair talking outside on the beach, then on the balcony of Salt.

Having not learnt from Mackenzie and Levi (Tristan Gorey) that these things are best done away from the prying eyes of the bay, it’s not long until they’re exposed.

As Felicity asks Marshall, “What does this mean for his case?” she turns around to see Tane standing right behind her.

TV Week confirms that Tane does soon discover that the pair slept together, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Tane reacts explosively, and Flick’s attempts to clear the air only lead to another argument. As they fight, Tane accidentally misses two calls from Rose (Kirsty Marillier), which are a condition of his bail.

Rose explains that unless Tane can give her a good excuse for missing her calls, she’ll have no choice but to arrest him again. Yet Tane’s pride and embarrassment mean that he’d rather stay quiet.

“Rose and Tane have a complicated relationship that’s based in friendship and care,” Kirsty told TV Week. “Hopefully, these two can reach an understanding and Tane can see her point of view.”

Spoilers for next Thursday’s episode ask whether Tane’s “jealousy” will jeopardise his case – begging the question, does he still have feelings for Felicity after all?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 29th April (Episode 8249)

Mackenzie confronts Eden. Levi is heartbroken.

Tuesday 20th April (Episode 8250)

Tane cuts Felicity off when she tries to help. Felicity has a new fling. Theo feels like a burden.

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 8251)

Felicity’s worlds collide. Tane faces jail time. Alf is sceptical of the film crew in the Bay.

Thursday 2nd May (Episode 8252)

Theo feels the pressure from Justin. Will Tane’s jealousy jeopardise his case?