Episode 4677

Australian Air Date: 8th July 2008
UK Air Date: 9th September 2008

Roman’s past comes back to haunt him. Charlie’s saddled with the partner from hell.

Extended Summary

With Jack taking the day off, Charlie’s saddled with another officer, Constable Angelo Rosetta, as her partner for the day, and she’s not impressed. Totally deluded, Angelo considers himself a super stud, and he’s set his sights on Charlie in a big way.

Nicole’s not impressed to find out she’s grounded again, and during the school holidays no less. When a handsome young man named Elliot arrives at the door, looking for Roman, she’s all too happy to invite him in to wait, if only for the distraction. Despite her flirting, Elliot shows no interest in her whatsoever, he’s far more interested in the photo of Roman and his army buddies. When she starts asking about him, he shuts down the conversation and goes to leave, but desperate to keep her loneliness at bay, Nicole offers to show him to the Diner to find Roman.

Angry at first at Nicole for breaking her grounding, when Elliot explains that he’s Mark Gillen’s younger brother, Roman falters, frustration gone, and simply tells Nicole to go home. Nicole is taken aback by the forcefulness of his tone, and actually obeys, despite her intrigue. Then Elliot reveals why he’s here. He wants to know the real story of how his brother died. Mark was a member of Roman’s unit, and he died on a mission that others escaped. It was Roman who made the decision to leave him behind. It’s the same story Elliot’s been told before, but for whatever reason, he doesn’t buy it. With Elliot gone, Roman is left not a little unsettled.

Jack and Martha struggle to respond to the news that Martha has breast cancer, swinging from denial, to anger, to despair. As if it couldn’t get worse, it’s not only Martha in danger, but the baby as well. Jack convinces himself that if they just fight hard enough, she’ll be fine, but Martha’s forces herself to be a little more realistic, if pessimistic. The cancer is an aggressive one, and they’re advised to hit it with everything they can. But the treatments would be harmful to the baby, and if Martha is to go ahead with the full treatment, she’ll have to terminate it.

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