Episode 5215

Australian Air Date: 26th November 2010
UK Air Date: 4th February 2011

Bianca and Vittorio’s wedding day arrives – will a previously reluctant Bianca go through with it? Joanna wants April to come back to Europe with her. Nicole makes a shock announcement. Robertson makes his arrest.


Written by Cameron Welsh
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

In the 2010 season finale, the day of Bianca’s wedding has arrived and the people of Summer Bay descend on the church. Whilst she hasn’t changed her mind about not being a bridesmaid, April decides to support her sister – whatever her choice.

Colleen arrives at the church with her commemorative plates for the royal wedding, and Marilyn tries to apologise to her over the DVD confession. Colleen is having none of it and refuses to talk to Marilyn ever again.

Vittorio waits nervously at the alter as his stunning bride walks down the aisle towards him. As the priest asks if anyone knows any reason for them not to be wed, a look is exchanged between Vittorio and Liam, who is sitting at the back of the church, but no objection is made. As the ceremony continues, they say their vows and Bianca says “I do”, much to Vittorio and Joanna’s relief. But Bianca suddenly changes her mind, and tells Vittorio that she can’t marry him. In front of the shocked congregation, Bianca runs back down the aisle and into the arms of Liam, finally realising that she wants only him.

In shock, Vittorio tries to drag Bianca away from Liam, but Romeo steps in and lands a punch that knocks him out cold. April leads the applause and as the congregation watches, Bianca and Liam ride off into the sunset on his Harley Davidson.

John Palmer is left, as he often is, to stand up and take control of the situation. After a little prompting from Gina, and much to his own surprise, he tells the congregation that there is still going to be a wedding – between himself and the beautiful Gina Austin. Everyone is pleasantly surprised, especially Xavier who is now the best man, and Colleen who is quick to ditch her commemorative plate and offer her services as matron of honour.

The ceremony concludes, and Xavier and Angelo later surprise the happy couple by bringing John and Xavier’s beloved Mad Max car to the church, decked out in ‘Just Married’ decorations, and they too drive off into the sunset.

Marilyn talks to Ruby about her recent prediction that a ‘hero’ is on the way for her, and comments that a lot of people meet their future partners at weddings. She asks if Ruby has found a potential suitor and Ruby replies that she has, and he’s been right under her nose the whole time…and we see Ruby gaze over to the hero of the hour, Romeo.

Roo is due to go back to New York straight after the ceremony. She hates to leave Alf whilst everything is still going on with Penn’s murder investigation, but he assures her he will be fine. Alf is delighted when Roo then reveals that once she has sorted out her outstanding problems in New York, she will be moving back to the bay. She’s coming home – for good! After the ceremony she tells Alf she’ll be back very soon, and she drives out of the bay.

Joanna is outraged about Bianca jilting Vittorio, and lays the blame solely on April. In the aftermath of everything, Xavier spots Joanna dragging April to a taxi. A tear-streaked April tells him that Joanna is taking her back to Europe, and she won’t be coming back. April and Joanna are driven out of the bay.

Nicole has been quite emotional throughout the day, a fact that Marilyn has picked up on. After the ceremony is over, Nicole is talking to Marilyn and divulges to her the reason she’s been down lately – she’s pregnant, and it’s Penn’s baby.

After Will’s statement to the police, he can barely look Alf in the eye. Meanwhile, Robertson finally gets the warrant to arrest someone for Penn’s murder and he and Graves arrive at the church. As everyone looks on in shock, Alf is arrested for the murder of Penn Graham.

As Alf’s led to the car in handcuffs he glances at Will who, unable to deal with what’s happening, decides to leave. Irene senses something is wrong and asks him what he’s done, but Will can’t tell her. All eyes are on Will as he and Irene leave the church. Alf is driven away.